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Pokemon Sword and Shield – Wild Area rotation brings in Gigantamax Toxitricity

Posted on February 7, 2020 by in Switch

Toxitricity has been added to the Wild Area raid rotation and will be available to challenge and capture until March 6th. Players can find the Punk Rock Pokemon in dens and exploit its double weakness (4x) to ground type moves to add it to their collection. Players will also see an increase in raids for Orbeetle, Kingler, and Hatterene. The special Milcery will also continue being available until February 16th.

Update: To celebrate the Wild Area’s addition of Toxitricity to raids, the following Mystery Gift code has been released:

PUNKR0CK – redeeming this code will give the player 3 copies of TR94 (High Horsepower)

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