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Pokken Tournament videos, more details, art

Posted on January 23, 2015 by (@NE_Brian) in General Nintendo, News

We have even more content pertaining to Pokken Tournament. Check out some gameplay videos above, and details/art below.

– Full 3D movement is possible
– Single-player, nationwide battle, in-store battle, tutorial modes
– Location tests run starting next week in Japan
– 100 yen per play
– Second location test on Valentine’s Day at the Japan Amusement Expo
– BANA Passport cards will be distributed to people who play Pokkén at the location tests from Jan 30-Feb 1
– Machamp BANA Passport card will be available in limited numbers for the Japanese Amusement Expo location test
– BANA Passport cards use NFC
– Buttons: D-pad: Move; A: Pokemon Technique; B: Jump; X: Weak; Y: Strong; R: Guard; L: Support
– When your gauge is full, you enter ‘Resonance Burst’ mode. In Resonance Burst mode, you can use ‘Burst Attacks’ to deal lots of damage
– There is no distinction made between ‘high’, ‘middle’, and ‘low’ attacks in Pokkén, and they can all be blocked using the R button

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