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Power Rangers: Battle for the Grid update (version 1.6) – Quantum Ranger / Eric Myers and more

Posted on October 25, 2019 by (@NE_Brian) in News, Switch

nWay has prepared a new 1.6 update for Power Rangers: Battle for the Grid. It features support for DLC character Quantum Ranger / Eric Myers, a ton of character adjustments, and more.

Below are the full patch notes:

Known Issues

  • An issue with Magna Defender’s wall bounce OTG state, causing him to receive an incorrect hit reaction from certain OTG attacks. To be fixed in a future patch.
  • Certain projectile limitations can be bypassed with specific inputs. To be fixed in a future patch.

Bug Fixes

  • Throws are no longer breakable if the victim is being thrown during an attack, stagger, or crumple state.
  • Megazord attacks summoned while enemy is KO’d now correctly position themselves.
  • Block damage KO’s on most Special, EX, and Super attacks fixed (all block damage should be able to KO).
  • Assists no longer count toward the hit reaction limiter. E.g., launching an assist no longer counts toward the 2 max launcher limit.
  • Assists no longer apply pushback while they’re being hit in the corner. I.e., “Happy Birthdays” (two-for-one sales) and “Merry Christmases” (comboing the entire enemy team) near the corner should no longer cause massive push back against the attacker.
  • Fixed various button input issues: holding attack buttons while tapping directions should no longer trigger Special and unique attacks. Tapping back + light + medium on the same frame now executes a back dash instead of a forward dash.
  • Fixed an issue with throws not properly interacting with armor moves. I.e., throw hitboxes will always grab armored attacks like Dragon Armor Trini’s standing heavy and Magna Defender’s back medium attack (if timed properly, of course).
  • Beam projectiles are no longer reflectable. Dragon Armor Trini’s neutral Special can no longer be reflected by Shadow Ranger’s forward Special parry attack, for instance.
  • Most normal attack sound effects no longer linger when played on the first frame of their attack, reducing the amount of phantom sounds (when plink dashing, for example).


  • All characters now have non-Super attacks with OTG properties, opening up even more combo routes. I.e., specific attacks for each character can now pick up enemies off of the ground after certain hard knockdowns.
  • Super armor visual and sound effects improved. Super armor now triggers a distinct sound with a distinct character shader.
  • Hitstun deterioration for ground-based hitstun is now slightly more aggressive, mitigating certain ground-based loop combos.

Megazord Ultras

  • Mega Goldar’s light attack (triple stab) now juggles a bit more consistently, and now has OTG properties.
  • Dragonzord’s heavy attack (tail swing) now has OTG properties.
  • Dino Megazord’s medium attack (stomp and punt): stomp portion now has OTG properties and the kick portion now has a much bigger hitbox.
  • Delta Squad Megazord’s light attack (judgment) effect applies much earlier. Cooldown reduced slightly.
  • Delta Squad Megazord’s medium attack lockdown effects (air block disable and jump disable) duration increased by 50%. Startup reduced slightly, with recovery being increased, making it less “spammable”, but more impactful.
  • Delta Squad Megazord’s heavy attack startup and cooldown increased slightly.


  • Airborne Special, back Special, and back medium now have OTG properties.


  • Crouching heavy, forward Special, and assist now have OTG properties.
  • Neutral Special animation improved. Additionally, Jason can now call assists and tag out during his parry attack.
  • Super now consistently hits twice in juggles, mitigating one hit pass throughs where the victim falls behind Jason after the first hit.

Gia Moran

  • Airborne Special attack, neutral Special, and forward heavy now have OTG properties.
  • Back Special and standing heavy hitstun decreased to reduce the effectiveness of ground-based loop combos.

Ranger Slayer

  • Forward Special > light (down arrow, both buffed and unbuffed) now have OTG properties.
  • Idle and standing medium animations improved, visually.
  • Standing heavy 2 now forces standing, making forward Special follow-up all but guaranteed in ground-based combos..
  • Super: last hit of cinematic now inflicts hitstop.
  • Ranger Slayer’s “plink dash” leniency improved when using M~L inputs.

Kat Ranger

  • Overall damage reduced.
  • Airborne Special and forward Special now have OTG properties.
  • Standing heavy recovery increased to mitigate certain corner loop combos.

Magna Defender

  • Airborne Special and back heavy now have OTG properties.
  • Damage scaling on light attacks normalized (reduces overall combo damage when light attacks are involved).
  • Back Special: improved animation (aesthetic only).
  • Fixed crouching light and crouching medium block conditions: crouching light now must be blocked crouching while crouching medium can be blocked standing (including low).


  • Airborne Special, neutral Special (melee range), and forward Special > medium (slide) now have OTG properties.
  • EX attack animation improved, with a customized sequence. Behaves functionally similar as its previous iteration.
  • Neutral Special (ground waves): improved juggle knock-up properties.

Lord Zedd

  • Forward heavy and airborne Special now have OTG properties.
  • Fixed an issue with forward Special being unblockable when striking an airborne enemy.
  • Standing medium 2 (fisherman’s slam hitgrab): first hit no longer KO’s (slam portion will still KO).


  • Airborne Special (down thrust), neutral Special (down thrust, melee range), and forward medium (overhead), now have OTG properties.
  • Overall damage reduced.
  • Super damage no longer doubles up in certain situations and no longer hits the entire length of the floor upon landing.
  • Airborne Special (down thrust): last hit must now be blocked standing.

Mastodon Sentry

  • Forward Special (mine) and forward heavy (overhead) now have OTG properties.
  • Fixed an issue that allowed Mastodon Sentry to cancel his forward Special animation with crouching medium.

Cenozoic Blue Ranger

  • Fully charged neutral Special and back Special (normal and buffed) now have OTG properties.
  • Fixed an issue with Cenozoic Blue Ranger’s light attacks not properly chaining into other attacks when whiffed.


  • Forward Special and airborne Special now have OTG properties.
  • Fixed an issue with Udonna’s Super not inflicting proper visual effects on hit (aesthetic only).

Dragon Armor Trini

  • Airborne Special, neutral Special (Negabeam), and assist attack now have OTG properties.
  • Assist attack damage decreased slightly.
  • Neutral Special (Negabeam) and assist attack now hit much more consistently in juggles, essentially locking enemies in place, making it easier to follow up on.
  • Standing heavy armor points decreased to 1, down from 2. Increased recovery time, making it more punishable when blocked.
  • Standing heavy 2: increased recovery, making it more punishable when blocked.
  • Forward Special: no longer projectile invincible on frame 1, but super armor activates on frame 31, down from 44. Super armor can absorb 2 hits, up from 1. Hitbox size increased slightly.
  • Standing medium hitbox width increased slightly.
  • Fixed an issue with crouching medium (anti-air) being vulnerable to jump attacks.
  • Fixed an issue that allowed Dragon Armor Trini to kara cancel her standing heavy 2.
  • Fixed an issue with Dragon Armor Trini being invulnerable to throws during her neutral Special (Negabeam).

Trey of Triforia

  • Crouching medium now has OTG properties.

Jen Scotts

  • Back Special, assist attack, and crouching heavy now have OTG properties.
  • Super: last hit of cinematic now inflicts hitstop.

Here’s a trailer for the new DLC character:


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