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Prison Architect: Nintendo Switch Edition update out now (version 1.0.9), patch notes

Posted on March 27, 2021 by (@NE_Brian) in News, Switch eShop

Prison Architect: Nintendo Switch Edition

A new 1.0.9 update has gone out for Prison Architect: Nintendo Switch Edition. There are a whole lot of bug fixes and improvements here, all of which have been fully detailed in the patch notes.

Here’s the full rundown of the update:

Staff Alerts​

  • The toggle for staff alerts in the options menu is fixed.
  • Contraband Staff Alert is now triggered by contraband found in the last 24 hours, which helps with the Staff Alert being shown for a long time after taking measures.
  • Improved the system for updating players on Grants and Staff Alerts.
  • Fixed issue with advisor staff alerts showing up despite that staff member not being hired.

Going Green​

  • Fixed an issue that reduced the progress of the “Green Energy Goal 6” if prisoners died.
  • Garbage is no longer transported to Recycling Bins.
  • Green Energy Goal 9 no longer displays “$0 On Completion” instead of “In Progress”.
  • The game will no longer show Going Green programs and contraband for players who don’t own the DLC.


  • Farmers will no longer continue to replant crops after removing the Shed from Farming Rooms.
  • Fixed odd behavior that occurred when a Shed was shared between 2 rooms.
  • Fixed Crop Distribution UI Bugs. Improved percentage rounding.
  • Fixed an issue that prevented produce from stacking together.
  • Improved the behavior of prisoners producing Herbs.
  • The gardener could plant flowers outside of the Flower Garden room.
  • Control hints are no longer cut off in the Farming Work pop-up.
  • Reduced probability for seed growth.
  • Going green exportable items now counts as valid exports.
  • Prisoners will no longer only plant flowers when it is a High Priority task.
  • The shed can now be placed back after trying to move it to 1 tile or rotating it.
  • The player is no longer able to sell seed from the farmer’s hands during the “Plant Crop” Action.
  • Prisoners would not plant flowers if seeds are located in different Sheds.
  • Fixed issue with empty fields popping up in farming rooms after searches due to damaged crops not being replaced in some instances.


  • The Workmen no longer spread fertilizer after searching crops when the “Automatic Fertilizer” option is on.
  • Continuous fertilizer will no longer cause repeat orders when it’s already fertilized a plant.
  • Plants and Fertilizers bought automatically via Continuous Planting/Fertilizer had incorrect prices
  • Compost Fertilizer could be placed on top of any outdoor flooring.
  • Fixed issue that caused undelivered packs of seeds or Fertilizer to be sold with a profit every time the truck leaves the map.
  • Reduced the ratio of organic waste turned into fertilizer.

Auto harvester​

  • Auto Harvesters are no longer able to travel on water/out of the room/out of world bound.
  • Fixed an issue that caused farmers to ignore crops around an Auto Harvester’s work area.
  • Fixed Auto Harvesters being shifted after purchasing a land expansion.
  • Auto Harvester is now built with the Electrical Cables underneath.
  • Auto Harvester & Auto Scythe can no longer be used to harvest trees is Fruit Orchard.

Energy & Transformers​

  • Fixed: Transformers don’t output energy if the direction is right to left due to the wrong output cell calculation.
  • Fixed damaged transformers still function normally.
  • Fixed: Green Power Sources error message “Transformers must not be on the same circuit” when being overloaded, even if there is only in the circuit.
  • The error message “Overloaded, remove electrical items or add more green energy sources” no longer disappears after a few seconds.
  • The cable near the Power Switch no longer disappear when moving it.
  • Fixed: Dismantling a Transformer or another Green Power Source that is built next to another Green Power Source will make it lose the electrical wire that it originally came with.
  • All Green Power sources that are on the same circuit with a standard source now overload instead of only one.
  • Fix: Preen Power generator does not connect to the transformer if it is moved one tile.
  • Now it’s not possible to build 12 batteries around a transformer.
  • [+] Added in the concept of a battery to the solar lights that discharge over time, and turn off when completely discharged.

Escape Mode​

  • Fixed soft-lock due to 0 prisoner at the end of escape mode victory.
  • Prisoners can no longer emerge from tunnels they have created on the road. To emerge from a tile, it now has to be both secure and not part of the road.

Other fixes​

  • Fixed Cash Balance display overflow bug. Visually the Balance has been capped to show a max of $2B.
  • Some minor language updates.
  • The tray dispenser now uses 1×1 tiles.
  • Selling flooring cannot be cancelled anymore and will happen instantly to be more aligned with other forms of selling.
  • Players are no longer able to build Outdoor Objects in certain Quick Build Indoor rooms.
  • Dogs are now laid on top of morgue slabs when dead.
  • Helicopter exports now work properly.
  • Small serving tables can now be placed outside.
  • Fixed “Sell object” icon for landscape and doors menus.
  • Dismantled objects can now be sold with the “Sell Object” tool.
  • Placing water under a room now removes the room.
  • Fixed problem where people got stuck sometimes after using the ferry boat.
  • Some types of walls were missing padding on the inside walls of Padded Cells.
  • Fixed problem where laundry basket doesn’t get moved back to the Laundry.
  • Fridges and tall fridges in storage rooms can now only store food.
  • Tooltip for legendary prisoners now shows up properly.
  • Fixed issue with programs being able to be rescheduled into rooms without required equipment.
  • Fixed issue with objects not being stored in crates on the storage shelf.
  • Sell options across all submenus should now act identically to each other, regardless of the submenu they are in.
  • Fixed: Moving a water valve that’s turned off retains function on the original tile.
  • The Paper Lantern will now give light.
  • Fixed prisoners standing on the spot during a “Free Time” regime slot.
  • Fixed: Reform rating for individual prisoners is always displayed at 200%.
  • Fixed crash when dismissing a Supply truck that’s outside of the map.
  • Fixed crash when trying to load premade save on any of the new maps.


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