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Quake update out now on Switch (version 1.5), patch notes

Posted on April 21, 2022 by (@NE_Brian) in News, Switch

quake update 1.5

A new 1.5 update has arrived for the Switch version of Quake. It contains new accessibility features, three new Horde Mode maps from MachineGames, quality-of-life improvements, and bug fixes.

The full patch notes for the Quake version 1.5 update are as follows:

New Accessibility Features
We are happy to add new accessibility features to Quake so that the gameplay experience can be enjoyed by even more players
Accessibility Options Notification
After installing Update 3, you will be presented with an Accessibility Options notification. Read through the available options to make sure they are set to your preference. Once in-game, these options can be accessed from the Options/Accessibility sub-menu via the Main and Pause Menus
(Note: All Accessibility options default to ON during first launch after install – but can be easily toggled OFF/ON via Disable/Enable All Settings)
Quake-Accessibility-DisableALL 960x540 ESRB
Accessibility Options
Quake Accessibility Options-1 960x540
Read Chat Out Loud ‘*’
Converts incoming multiplayer text chat into a synthesized voice
Transcribe Voice Chat
Converts incoming voice chat to text in the multiplayer chat window
Speak For Me in Voice Chat ‘*’
Converts outgoing multiplayer text chat into a synthesized voice audible to other players
‘*’ Voice profiles can be selected from the Accessibility menu when connected to an online multiplayer session
‘*’ Text-to-Speech menu narration is not supported
Quake Accessibility Options-2 960x540
Note: There are several Voice Profiles now available in Quake. The number available per language may vary

High Contrast
Changes the default text field backgrounds to improve User Interface legibility
Quake Accessibility Options-1-2 960x540
High Contrast OFF

Quake Accessibility Options-1 960x540
High Contrast ON

Alternate Typeface
Changes the original in-game font to a more modern one for improved legibility
Screen Flash Amount
Decreases opacity of onscreen effects to reduce flash intensity
Center Message Time
Changes the display duration of center print HUD messages
Corner Message Time
Changes the display duration of corner print HUD messages
Maximum Lines
Changes the maximum number of onscreen corner print HUD messages
Chat Message Time
Changes the display duration of multiplayer text chat messages

Horde Mode
Three New Levels
Enjoy three new Horde Mode levels courtesy of our friends at MachineGames!
Quake Horde-Relic 960x540

Quake Horde-TheTrial 960x540
The Trial

Quake Horde-TheTower 960x540
The Tower

Quality of Life Improvements
General Gameplay
  • Added option to disable automatic weapon switching on pickup (Note: This may not work with certain Add-ons)
  • Improved spawn logic to avoid spawning enemies when the player is on a spawn point
Horde Mode
Skill selection balance adjustments:
We’ve received community feedback that Horde Mode is too hard on Easy and too easy on the more difficult skill selections. To accommodate this feedback, we’ve made Horde Mode less difficult on Easy and more difficult on the Hard and Nightmare skill levels. We hope these balance changes are to your liking and look forward look forward to hearing from you on them!
  • Fewer enemies are spawned in each squad on Easy skill selection
  • Boss enemies will start showing up in earlier waves on Hard and Nightmare skill selections
  • Hard skill selection now starts with as many enemies as wave 3 had previously
  • Nightmare skill selection now starts with as many enemies as wave 6 had previously
Additional balance adjustments:
  • Ammo now respawns every 20 seconds instead of once per round
  • Enemies are now more tenacious – they will now route around the map and obstacles to find you. No more hiding and safely picking off harmless monsters from a distance!
  • Four player games will now spawn in double the enemies in each wave
  • Removed ability to enable cheats in public multiplayer matches (Note: Cheats can still be enabled from a PC host in private matches)
  • Changed color of enemy text chat from red to green for increased contrast and improved legibility
  • Online multiplayer text chat messages can now be sent via the Pause Menu (Note: Only PC versions support text entry from physical keyboards)
  • Added option to toggle the scoreboard on/off with a button press instead of a button hold (in Gameplay Options)
Multiplayer Bots
  • Added Deathmatch bot support for all single player levels in the original campaign, courtesy of Jorge Martins (Check out their super useful guides made for community modders here)
  • Bots now roam around if the current map doesn’t have items, finding their own roam goals
  • Bots now better handle maps with lots of air blasts that push them around
  • Improved bot navigation on MGDM1, and E1M2
  • Bots now roam around if map doesn’t have items, finding their own roam goals
  • Bots now better handle maps with lots of air blasts that push them around
  • Improved bot navigation on MGDM1, and E1M2

Bug Fixes
General Gameplay
  • Fixed an issue in which music was not playing correctly on certain Add-ons
  • Reduced audio latency throughout the game
  • Fixed a bug in which the House of Doom achievement was not unlocking when finding the secret level in Dimension of the Past
  • Resolved an issue in which the Corner message would print the incorrect one for a single frame
  • Fixed an issue in which menus would not scroll all the way to the top of the screen
  • Resolved the issue where the text chat window was too small while playing at 4K resolution on supported platforms
Horde Mode
  • Fixed a bug in which suicide in Horde Mode would not deduct points and immediately respawn you
  • Resolved an issue in which killing a teammate would incorrectly grant a frag and not end kill streaks
Removed the random offset from dropped powerups to prevent them from falling out of the level
Multiplayer Bots
  • Fixed an issue in which bots would sometimes miss shootable triggers
  • Fix bots incorrectly using Mjolnir when they don’t have ammo
  • Addresses the issue where bots wouldn’t chatter when killing an enemy, or if teamkilled

All Switch players can access the new 1.5 update for Quake now.


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