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Rad update out now

Posted on September 11, 2019 by (@NE_Brian) in News, Switch eShop

Double Fine and Bandai Namco are now offering a new update for Rad. It includes a butch of adjustments, fixes, and more.

Below are the full patch notes:

  • Chronobellum Hyper cooldown changed from 4 seconds to 20 seconds. Can now be used when half full
  • Altars can give a key when sacrificing a Diet Health Potion
  • Cathode Raider task to hit antenna only requires one hit instead of three
  • Soul Glow consumable now does double damage and damages more often
  • W2-2 overall map size has been slightly reduced to help shorten run length
  • Symbiant targeting has been tuned
  • Polyp Pal now has more health, will take damage from ground fire and will teleport back to the player if it falls off a cliff. The price has been adjusted as well
  • Multiple crash fixes, most notably when using Mutation Swapper machines
  • W1-2 has fewer islands and will now try to only generate 1 underground area. This should create far fewer incidents of maps where multiple undergrounds make it confusing to navigate the level
  • Mutation Leveler and Mutation Swapper machines no longer take health when used
  • Anti-aliasing option added to Graphics Options. This allows the player to choose between Temporal (default, what the game has been using the entire time), FXAA or None. This is mostly for PC and Switch players who may not like the “softness” that Temporal AA creates
  • Vampiric Hits can no longer be triggered by hitting Death Roe babies
  • Daily Challenge scoring has been adjusted s/t scores are generally lower. The score cap was being hit too often (9999 on leaderboards). Now it should be nearly impossible to hit the cap without cheating
  • Enemies affected by Chronobellum Freeze can now take damage
  • Death Roe babies are not affected by Chronobellum Freeze
  • Chronobellum Freeze cooldown is now 3x longer. However, it can be activated while the resource is half full now
  • Mutation cooldowns are now properly affected by Chronobellum
  • High ground pound does 2 points of damage instead of 1. It still has a wider AoE
  • Warhead combos now have a proper cooldown
  • The level seed number has been added to the upper right of the Pause menu. This should help with reproducing bugs in the future
  • The boss chest at the end W3-1 now contains a Split Heart instead of a health potion
  • Bad Legs mutation can no longer be used infinitely
  • Corrupt Endo mutation machines can now grant the Mutation Power buff
  • Shermie’s shop will refresh items every time the Town level is loaded so she won’t be selling the same items every time
  • Bummer Head mutation changed to not be a super powerful projectile with no cooldown. Now it does 1 damage instead of 4, has a proper cooldown, and leaves a puddle that will slow down enemies but not damage them


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