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Rayman creator praises Wii U and tons of memory, talks Rayman Legends, more

Posted on September 6, 2012 by (@NE_Brian) in General Nintendo, News, Wii U

In an interview with French website Gameblog.fr, Rayman and Beyond Good & Evil creator Michel Ancel opened up on all things Wii U. Ancel talked about the console overall and its techn, and managed to offer some tidbits on Rayman Legends.

Fortunately, someone was kind enough to translate a large portion of the interview. We’ve posted a number of points from the discussion, including Ancel’s high praise for the Wii U’s memory.

Read on below for the summary.

Wii U in general

– Ancel believes Nintendo has a tough job explaining Wii U
– He feels the console is like having a whole new cooking recipe, and you can’t put words on it
– People have to “taste it” to understand what it means
– Ancel sees Wii U as a core gamer concept since it brings new tools to gamers and games while not removing what they already had
– Nintendo’s director was difficult for devs to understand at first, but it will ultimately lead to value

Rayman Legends

– In a way, the game is like a level editor that allows for playfield changes in realtime
– GamePad player will be able to literally dig into the scenario like Dig Dug
– Ancel appreciates the idea of asymmetric gameplay

Wii U tech

– Wii U has enormous memory
– Almost no limitations with memory
– Lots of memory helps with 2D games since they use memory for textures, drawings, etc.
– Ancel says the Wii U is a surprising machine
– It can display full HD on the TV while streaming a different image at 800X480 on the GamePad
– Keeps 60 i/s framerate at the same time
– Ancel also likes how Wii U opens LAN possibilities
– Even though it’s rather powerful, the Wii U isn’t a traditional next-gen console with huge graphic improvements
– Nintendo made different next-gen choices
– Ancel isn’t sure if Wii U can handle his vision for Beyond Good & Evil 2 since he only has 2D experience with the console thus far

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