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Ring of Pain – “Mimic’s Hoard” update out now on Switch (version 1.3.00S), patch notes

Posted on May 24, 2021 by (@NE_Brian) in News, Switch eShop

The roguelike card crawler Ring of Pain has received a major patch on Switch. Version 1.3.00S is the “Mimic’s Hoard” update, featuring lots of new content, a new difficulty mode, balance adjustments, and more.

Below are the full patch notes:

  • Added Medium difficulty
    Medium difficulty can be unlocked by completing a run on normal difficulty, and hard mode is now unlocked by completing a run on medium difficulty.
    If you’ve already unlocked hard mode, medium mode will be automatically unlocked.
  • 80+ new items
  • 15+ new Daily Dungeon modifiers
  • 15+ new Achievements
  • 5+ new special paths
  • 10+ new creatures
  • Added a new status effect Petrify, which reduces max health.
  • Added a Statistics Page
    This will display your statistics for runs, items, combat events, exploration events
  • Display creature effects when inspecting them
    This will display things such as the amount of explosion, poison, ranged damage a creature will deal
  • Added new Daily Dungeon modifiers
  • Path taken is displayed on the game over screen
  • Show end game choice on game over screen
  • Candles that are unlocked through achievements are displayed on the achievements page
  • Added Up button when hovering over certain cards
  • Added controller tutorial for observing previously explored paths
  • Hovering over creatures will now show their souls
  • Adjusted hard and medium mode levels to feature new creatures
  • Ensnare now in addition to stopping movement, halves physical attack
  • Adjusted Spellbook cooldowns
  • Loombird Changes:
    Crooked Loombird in Hard mode: Speed increased 6 -> 12
    Huge Crooked Loombird in Normal mode: Health 32 -> 26, Attack 13 -> 11
    Huge Crooked Loombird in Hard mode: Health 32 -> 36, Speed 8 -> 16
  • Double Candle now allows you to select a common-tier starting item, Stealth chance removed
  • Dark Stone starts with Barrier scroll, Stealth change increased 30% -> 40%, Speed reduced -1 -> -2
  • Necklace Rebirth cures poison.
  • Choker item effect increased from +1 to +2 Attack for consecutive attacks.
  • Metal Ox stats increased 0 -> 4 Health, 0 -> 4 Clarity
  • Chestplate explode damage reduction changed from half to reduce by 2
  • Special path balance
    Fountain of Life reduced spawn rate in early game
    Careful Maneuvre and Overwhelm can no longer spawn in the first level
    Companions Sam can appear a little earlier
  • The timer starts counting up when the player has control
    Previously it would start when the tutorial started or the starting camera animation
Bug Fixes
  • Spineback is no longer revealed before its card has rotated
  • Fixed behavior for Confidence
  • Hollower only plays it’s particle effect when it’s area of effect is completed
  • Fixed issues with Crown of Clarity
  • Polearm + Knockback now works with the projection system
  • Fixed issues when using a Spellbook or Scroll over the Creature card’s inspect icon
  • Fixed issues with the collection’s scrollbar not resizing
  • Adjusted stat manipulation calculation and how it can be absorbed
    Clearer projections when losing stats from items like Siphon Gem
  • The “Trinket” item slot has been renamed to “Jar”

We have a trailer for the new Ring of Pain update below.


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