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Humble Games

Infinite Guitars

Today, publisher Humble Games and developer Nikko Nikko announced that they’re bringing Infinite Guitars to Switch. The game, “a genre-melting rhythm RPG featuring vibrant anime-inspired art, adrenaline-fueled Mech battles, and a blazing original soundtrack,” launches on December 13, 2022.

Here’s an overview of the game with more information:

Ghost Song has received a new update following its recent release. This update introduces a New Game Plus feature to the game, adds a new miniboss to the map and provides the Switch version with a locked framerate.

Here are the patch notes for the update:

Ghost Song gameplay

We have a closer look at Ghost Song thanks to a batch of gameplay. The title, which was in the works for nearly a decade, saw its debut on Switch and other platforms this week.

For more information about it, read the following overview:

Ghost Song trailer

Ghost Song is finally here on Switch following many years of development, and we have one final trailer. Humble Games and Old Moon have shared the latest video for the atmospheric 2D adventure game.

Those interested in learning more can check out the following overview:

Prodeus gameplay

A new round of gameplay has come in for the Switch version of Prodeus. After a previous last-minute delay, Humble Games and Bounding Box Software brought the shooter to Switch.

If you’re interested in learning more about the title, read the following overview:

Signalis gameplay

A fresh set of gameplay has come in for Signalis. This week, Humble Games and rose-engine brought the survival horror title to Switch.

For more information about the game, read the following overview:

Signalis trailer

With Signalis having just seen its debut, Humble Games and rose-engine have readied a launch trailer. The video provides another look at the survival horror title.

For more information about the game, read the following overview: 

Prodeus release date final

The retro-styled first-person shooter Prodeus has received a final release date on Switch. Publisher Humble Games and developer Bounding Box Software confirmed today that the title will be ready to go on October 28, 2022.

Prodeus originally debuted on October 23. That was the original plan for Switch as well, but there was a last-minute delay. Humble Games mentioned that “the forces of chaos have struck the Nintendo Switch version, and we’ve encountered a pretty gnarly visual bug in the home stretch.”

Moonscars gameplay

Moonscars, an action platformer that made it to Switch this week, has received a new gameplay video. A half hour of footage shows off the title in action.

We have more information about the game in the following overview:

2D Action Platformer Moonscars launched on Switch yesterday via the eShop, and publisher Humble Games have shared a launch trailer of the game, showcasing its pixel art style and combat.

Learn more about the game and view the trailer below:

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