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Ring of Pain update out now (version 1.0.28), patch notes

Posted on November 22, 2020 by (@NE_Brian) in News, Switch eShop

Ring of Pain

A new 1.0.28 update was recently made available for Ring of Pain on Switch. It actually encompasses a bunch of patches previously made available on PC, starting with version 1.0.27.

Below are the full patch notes:

Version update from V1.0.27


  • Set app icons for Traditional and Simplified Chinese to use the Chinese logo
  • Wishing well now Siphons the primary stats from donated charms
  • Scroungers will no longer spawn directly next to an exit

Bug Fix

  • Hungry Sun properly considers all sources of explosion damage
  • Rare ending softlock fixed
  • Fixed minor bug where stat equip would project damage
  • Removed projected Light Concoction damage from stat increase


  • Ending balance for Hard-Mode, Potion and Creature limits in both modes
  • Ending Area of Effect spawning logic improved and damage increased
  • Light Concoction effect changed to: Healing missing Health becomes Light damage to all creatures
  • Soul Cannon effect changed to: Spend 30 Souls, deal 30 Soul Damage to target; 1 Cooldown

Version update from V1.0.26


  • Owl will less frequently bring you gifts for occupied slots
  • Item reroll costs reduced
  • Daily Dungeon unlocks earlier
  • Dogs are now satisfied with fewer pats.


  • Turbulence and Light Caller now function as intended
  • FPS settings should now save properly
  • Area of effect countdowns are no longer affected by spell usage
  • Added specific missing area of effect damage projections
  • Rare ending infinite loop fixed
  • Brittle Seed no longer breaks defence values under specific circumstances
  • Missing items have returned, hello there!


  • Poison Shield: +5% Dodge
  • Spiky Shield: Reflects 5
  • Sadistic Will: -2 Attack
  • Living Corset: +1 Clarity
  • Unstable Fragments: +1 Clarity, +2 Speed
  • Ghostly: +1 Health
  • Touch of Decay: -1 Clarity, +5% Dodge
  • Bronze Leaf: -2 Health
  • Merchant: +2 Defense, -2 Health
  • Mimic Friend: Now grants 4 Health, 4 Clarity
  • Poison Shield: +2 Attack
  • Bloodstone: +1 Health, 10% Crit, 10% Dodge

Version update from V1.0.25


  • Skulker debuff -4 to physical attack across all variants
  • Spawn rates for Special Rooms
  • First two dungeon levels
  • Light Concoction
  • Hungry Sun

Bug Fixes

  • Owl Boss Fight infinitely reloading
  • Viscid Union can no longer absorb on death
  • Projection fixes for freeze and poison
  • Gem Light Caller
  • Bloom issues with chest and item shadows

Twitch Extension

  • Quality of Life improvements

Version updater from V1.0.24

  • Fix for Overwhelm
  • Fix for Completionist
  • Fix for handling corrupted save files
  • Translation update
  • Depth 1 and Depth 2 balance changes so the loot distribution is more consistent

Version update from V1.0.23

  • Disabled the Credits Button in Settings when the game is playing

Version update from V1.0.22

  • Spoon Fix
  • Stealth Tooltip update
  • Credits update + button added to menu
  • Fix for Roaming Firebead logic when ensnared
  • In Game Bug Report screen updates
  • Rare mimic art update
  • Fix for Light Concoction Overheal projection

Version update from V1.0.21

  • Rare Chest balance
  • Clear Minded balance
  • Fix for unlocking stat based achievements during the main menu transition

Version update from V1.0.20

Bug Fixes

  • Korean language setting translation fixed
  • Spoon Variants now hidden in Collection if locked
  • Feet Stealthy update
  • Creature – Whisperer update
  • Reset Save Data and Analytics opt in can now be changed whilst the game is playing
  • Korean language translation button update
  • Stone Skin projection update
  • SpeedRun achievement updated to 18 minutes
  • Potions now project poison cure
  • Doors properly project poison cure
  • Light Concoction projection added
  • Intimidate tool tip updated
  • Minor localization updates

If you’re interested in Ring of Pain, you can pick up the game from the Switch eShop.


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