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Rocket League update out now (version 2.13.0), patch notes

Posted on March 30, 2022 by in News, Switch

A new update has gone live for Rocket League, addressing several known bugs and issues. Here are the full patch notes for the version 2.13.0 update:


  • Fixed appearance of ‘Startrack’ Rocket Boost and Trail when previewing from a Blueprint
  • When backing out of a Playlist, fixed UI focus so you return to the previously selected Playlist card instead of defaulting to Casual
  • Fixed a UI error taking focus off of the Change Playlist/Training menu if selected by a player after a match
  • [Xbox] Improved boot times and general stability
  • Moved placement of Neo Tokyo (Comic) on the Arena list


  • Before v2.13, in a small percentage of Casual matches, a spectator would sometimes join a team, creating uneven teams
    • We believe this issue may be unique to v2.12
    • If this bug persists, we have added additional error logging to the game client with this update so we can better identify and resolve the issue


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