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Rumored Disaster: Day of Crisis info

Posted on September 1, 2008 by (@NE_Brian) in Rumors, Wii

Small update: N-Europe has translated some details coming from the German Disaster: Day of Crisis German page.

Some rumored information about Disaster: Day of Crisis has come to light based off of the latest screenshots of the game. None of these details are confirmed by Nintendo, though the information below is still somewhat realistic.

– You can set where the radio messages and the gun sound fx comes out from. The screen shows the Radio messages output set to the Wiimote, and the Gun sound fx output set to the Wiimote as well.

– There are items in the game, and you have an inventory. They look like the normal restorative items for health and whatnot.

– The game is stage based and you get a ranking for how well you did at the end of each stage.

– You earn BP from combat and SP from rescuing people (and probably completing various QTE events successfully). BP is used to buy new weapons and upgrade the weapons, while SP is used to improve the character stats.

– You start with 3 basic weapons available – Rifle 1, Handgun 1 and Assault Rifle 1. Each of these are the start of a weapons tree, kinda like a skill tree in RPGs (lol Monolithsoft). You buy more weapons with BP via this tree.

– For weapons you already have, there are 5 areas you can upgrade them in – Power, ammo capacity, reload speed, etc. Upgrading will also cost BP.

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