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Runbow screenshots/art, latest fact sheet

Posted on March 4, 2015 by (@NE_Brian) in News, Wii U eShop

Developer: 13AM Games (based in Toronto)
Genre: Party / Action / Platformer
Release Date: 2015
Platform: Wii U/Nintendo eShop
Players: 1-9 local
ESRB: E (Predicted)
Price: TBD

Runbow is a fast-paced, action party game with a never-before seen color mechanic: Up-to nine players race against each other as platforms and obstacles appear and disappear when the background changes vibrant colors. Players can sprint against each other in Run, or go head-to-head in one of Runbow’s six additional modes, including Arena, King of the Hill, ColourMaster and The Bowhemoth.

· Local Nine-player Multiplayer – The biggest couch-multiplayer experience to come to Wii U, ever!
· If You Can’t See It, It Doesn’t Exist! – Players must think fast as obstacles appear and disappear with the changing backgrounds.
· ‘60s Poster Art Aesthetic – Using the unique art style of Saul Bass and the Czechoslovakian New Wave, Runbow is not only fun to play, it’s fun to look at.
· Hundreds of Challenges – Runbow’s packed to the brim with challenging levels and endless permutations of color transitions and obstacles!
· Seven Great Game Modes – Challenge friends in King of the Hill, Arena, Run, Online, Bowhemoth, Adventure or become the ColourMaster and dominate Runbow’s colorful world.
· One Master to Rule Them All – Play against friends in ColourMaster mode, where challengers race against one malevolent ColourMaster who controls the colors and obstacles in the level.
· Master The Bowhemoth – Runbow’s toughest game mode, The Bowhemoth, has racers tackle more than 30 minutes of platforming challenges that will put the patience and skill of even the toughest players to the test.
· Tons of Unlockable Costumes – From Pirate to Zombie to Ninja, players can pick the runner that’s right for them.
· Challenges, Achievements, and More – Hours of replayability and unlockable content will keep gamers running back for more.
· Special Guests! (Announcing Soon) – What special guest characters will challenge Hue and Val in a race for glory? Find out next time on Runbow!

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