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Samurai Bringer update out now on Switch, patch notes

Posted on May 29, 2022 by (@NE_Brian) in News, Switch eShop

samurai bringer update

Playism and Alphawing have readied a new update for Samurai Bringer, their rogue-lite action game.

The patch is highlighted by a feature that lets players to change the initial placement of combat techniques for Susanoo/Brave Generals in the Action Builder. A ton of bug fixes have been implemented as well.

The full patch notes for the Samurai Bringer update are as follows:

  • Feature added allowing for the changing of initial placement of combat techniques for Susanoo/Brave Generals in the Action Builder.
  • Feature added allowing for the map direction to be fixed: This can be configured via “OPTIONS”. Setting this will keep the map and mini map fixed pointing north.
Bug Fixes:
  • Fixed bug preventing SFX volume adjustment for some combat techniques
  • Fixed bug stopping progress after defeating the Yuki Onna while frozen
  • Fixed bug stopping progress when Susanoo and Great Demon attacks land simultaneously
  • Fixed bug preventing warping to the proper location
  • Fixed bug occurring when building Susanoo’s armaments at the blacksmith
  • Fixed bug preventing summoning of Secret Scrolls even with the required number of Combat Scrolls
  • Fixed bug in the Yamata-no-Orochi battle causing revival and preventing progress after falling with 0 HP: Due to current specs, the character must fall to the ground in order to be revived.
  • Fixed bugs in Tutorial
  • Fixed mistranslations in the blacksmith armament filter UI
  • Fixed bug stopping progress when using sub weapon to attack the moment a Great Demon appears
  • Fixed bug sometimes preventing exit when not having enough coins at the blacksmith
  • Fixed bug with soft lock occurring after entering a store with a status ailment: Changed specs to remove the status ailment when entering stores.
  • Changed “Light Vortex” initial setting in Options to “Button”
  • Adjusted purple warp zone specs and gravitational pull: Now easier to escape from warp zones.
  • Slight adjustment to Brave General appearance algorithm: Now less chance of being immediately killed by an over-buffed Brave General right after starting the game (Note: they do still appear sometimes).
  • Added invincibility frames when being revived after falling through the floor during the Yamata-na-Orochi battle
  • Fixed bug causing Susanoo to enter shops or torii gates upon hitting 0 HP
  • Fixed config bugs
  • Fixed bug in “Like a Ninja” achievement unlock conditions: Was previously only counted when using Dual Swords; now counted when only using one hand as well. As for the weapons themselves, attacks must be done with weapons 
    other than  Ninja Swords.
  • Fixed bug sometimes preventing progress in the Dojo Tutorial

All players on Switch can download the new Samurai Bringer update now.


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