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Three years after its Switch launch, Touhou Luna Nights is now receiving a physical release on the platform. Playism will be shipping a boxed version in Japan.

Rusted Moss

Playism made several announcements for Switch this week, and the news continues with Rusted Moss. The publisher will be bringing it over in Spring 2024.

Rusted Moss is a grappling hook-based Metroidvania game made by Faxdoc, Happysquared, and Sunnydaze. When it’s ready to go on Switch, it’ll launch with all updates from the PC version including an upcoming one that’s the biggest yet, featuring new areas, over 300 rooms, a Boss Rush Mode, Maya Mode, and more.

Blade Chimera

Blade Chimera, an upcoming 2D action game, has been announced for Switch. It will be available in Spring 2024.

Also considered a Metroidvania game, Blade Chimera has a primary mechanic surrounding the Lumina Sword, which cuts down enemies and can also interfere with time itself. For additional details, read the following overview:

The Star Named EOS

Today, Playism and Silver Lining Studio announced The Star Named EOS for Switch. Fans will be able to pick it up in Spring 2024.

The Star Named EOS is a puzzle-driven narrative adventure with a hand-drawn panoramic world. Further details are included in the following overview:

Rose & Camellia Collection English west

Previously announced for Switch in Japan, Rose & Camellia Collection has now been confirmed for the system in the west. WayForward will be handling publishing in late 2023 / early 2024.

Rose & Camellia Collection is an absurd one-on-one slap-fight anthology featuring five games, more than 30 characters, and all-new English voicework, Rose & Camellia Collection.

The Good Life physical

A physical release for The Good Life is in the works, Limited Run Games just announced.

There are plans for both a standard version and a collector’s edition. The latter includes a copy of the game, an art book, character cards, town brochure, and more.

Tokoyo The Tower of Perpetuity

Red Art Games is preparing a physical release for Tokoyo: The Tower of Perpetuity on Switch, the company announced today in partnership with Playism and //commentout.

The title will be offered as a standard edition and Deluxe Edition. The latter includes a copy of the game, reversible cover and poster, a set of four double sided postcards as well as the official soundtrack on CD. It is only available from Red Art Games’ website and is limited to 300 copies. Pre-orders begin on June 1 and the release is set for November 10, 2023.

Marfusha gameplay

We have gameplay of Marfusha, a shooter that Playism published on Switch last week. The footage includes a look at the prologue, dormitory sections, and more.

If you’re interested in learning more about the title, read the following overview:

Marfusha release date

Today, Playism shared a final release date for the Switch version of Marfusha. The shooter will launch on April 6, it’s now been announced.

Marfusha was originally announced for Switch last September. It initially had a winter release window.

Subway Midnight gameplay

Playism brought Subway Midnight to Switch this week, and a new wave of gameplay has surfaced. 16 minutes of footage has come in.

Here’s an overview of the horror adventure title:

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