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Playism and Calappa Games have shared a new trailer for the 3D action title Fight Crab focusing on the game’s weapons. Give it a look below.

Fight Crab seems to be coming to Switch in August. A physical version is also planned.

New footage has emerged for One Way Heroics Plus, Playism and Smoking Wolf’s side-scrolling RPG game. View the gameplay below.

One Way Heroics will be sold on the Switch eShop starting June 18.

Hakoniwa Explorer Plus, an action-RPG from Playism and Suxamethonium, is hitting Switch on June 18. Find some early footage below.

Playism will be publishing Hakoniwa Explorer Plus on Switch via the eShop.

Fight Crab may have a release date on Switch. Based on retailer listings from the likes of Play-Asia, the title could be launching on August 20.

Play-Asia also reveals that a physical version will be offered in Asia. English will be supported, meaning you can import the game and play it in any region as you would normally. Pre-orders are open here, and you’ll get an A4 clear file Fight Crab as a bonus.

Fight Crab was last said to be targeting a Summer 2020 release. When we receive an official launch announcement, we’ll let you know.

The RPG and roguelike game One Way Heroics Plus is heading to Switch, publisher Playism and developer Smoking Wolf have announced. It will launch as an eShop download on June 18.

Here’s an overview of One Way Heroics Plus, along with a trailer:

The voxel action game Hakoniwa Explorer Plus is in development for Switch, publisher Playism and developer Suxamethonium have announced. A release is set for June 18 via the eShop.

We have the following overview and trailer for Hakoniwa Explorer Plus:

During today’s Indie Live Expo 2020 presentation, it was announced that Chinese Parents is coming to Switch. The simulation title, described as “a casual yet realistic life sim with a Chinese authenticity”, will be released on Nintendo’s console.

Here’s an overview of Chinese Parents, along with a trailer:

The adventure game Noel The Mortal Fate is on the way to Switch, Playism announced today. A release window has not yet been shared.

Here’s an overview of Noel The Mortal Fate, along with a trailer:

Playism and Atelier Mimina have shared a new trailer for Giraffe and Annika, an upcoming adventure and rhythm action game for Switch. We have it below.

Orangeblood, a JRPG inspired by 90s hip-hop, has a slightly more specific release window on Switch. Publisher Playism and developer Grayfox Software have today confirmed a Q2 2020 launch window on Nintendo’s console.

Here’s the latest information on Orangeblood: