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Shin-chan: Shiro of Coal Town releasing in Japan February 2024

Posted on November 1, 2023 by in News, Switch

Neos Corporation has just announced the release date for Shin-chan: Shiro of Coal Town in Japan. The game is set to release in the region on February 22, 2024.

Alongside the release date, a Japanese Collector’s Edition for the game was also announced. It will feature a physical copy of the game along with a collectible pin, a picture book-style notebook (also acting as a flipbook), a 68-page artbook, physical soundtrack (alongside a download code for it), a theme song sheet, a papercraft train, a town map, and a sticker sheet.

You can check out some details on the game below, courtesy of its official website.

The Nohara family goes to Akita.

After receiving a sudden transfer order, Hiroshi travels to his hometown of Akita on business. The Nohara family rents out a traditional Japanese-style house in a village near Hiroshi’s parents. And so their carefree country life amidst a calm rural backdrop begins.

Ginnosuke teaches Shinnosuke what it means to play in the countryside, from hunting bugs to fishing and so on. Part of the fun is sitting around the irori at night while eating local dishes.

In the village, Shinnosuke interacts with the farmers and makes new friends. He was enjoying the good life, when one day…

Shinnosuke follows the soot-covered Shiro.

One morning, Shiro comes home covered in soot. When he sees Shinnosuke tilt his head to the side in confusion, he runs off…! When the chase finally comes to a stop, Shinnosuke is standing in front of a strange train. Fe for better or worse, he is drawn in by Shiro and climbs aboard.

Welcome to Coal Town.

Upon reaching its destination, the train stops at an energetic and bustling town that appears as if time stopped in the Showa era. Its name is Charcoal Town, and the people of this old town can be seen working enthusiastically. After meeting a mysterious girl, Shinnosuke befriends the townsfolk, kickstarting a new adventure…!

And so Shin-chan’s mysterious daily life going back and forth between the worlds of the Akita village and Coal Town begins!

Shin-Chan Shiro of Coal Town will retail at 6,980 yen for the Standard Edition and 9,980 yen for the Collector’s Edition. The game is also set to release worldwide, presumably at a later date.

Source, Thank you to Gematsu for the translation

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