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Shovel Knight Dig software update (version 1.1.3) announced, patch notes

Posted on November 12, 2022 by in News, Switch eShop

Original (11/2): Yacht Club Games have announced a new software update for Shovel Knight Dig, which will provide an extensive number of fixes, improvements, and adjustments to the game. It currently does not have a release date for Switch. Full details can be found below:

Fix – Changing the language, controls, and screen scale settings and then rebooting did not save the changes.
Fix – Updated and fixed Localization bugs.
Fix – In Magic Landfill, it’s no longer possible to softlock the game when entering a portal and throwing the Boomerang Shovel
Fix – Aqua Mole Knight getting stuck in fin form.
Fix – Tombola Gem icon persisted into next dialog box.
Fix – Rooms where Gastronomole’s shop did not fit properly in the room.
Fix – In specific situations when using the warp dirt, and using the War Horn, player would slide across the screen and cause a soft lock.
Fix – Secret Fountain floatsome ambush rooms when electrocuting while in water.
Fix – A rare softlock in a Smeltworks sideroom.
Fix – Corrected platforms in Smeltworks where platforms were too small for oven artwork.
Fix – Instances where rooms would be generated with corridors that were too small or had indestructible blocks, preventing the player from proceeding.
Fix – Problems with Blueprint spawning in Secret Fountain.
Fix – Error with game saves when picking up a buff or Relic for the first time.
Fix – Improved the timing when Chester’s shop arrives to coincide better with NPC dialog.
Fix – Problem with Grub Pit and Secret Fountain Blueprints missing on some occasions.
Fix – Sorting issues with Aqua Mole Knight and various parts of his stage.
Fix – Spore Knight’s hat could disappear without being launched.
Fix – It was possible to open the pause menu while skipping the opening cutscene.
Fix – When rolling in the Ballistic Armor, speaking with an NPC, or interacting with a sign, it was possible to jump into a well, causing the text box prompt to stay on screen.
Fix – Giant Crab would not turn on triggers from spikes.
Fix – Scrap Knight would become frozen on the floor while her bag was in the air.
Fix – A crash when using the War Horn was used on various enemies during the dream sequences.
Fix – With the Burrow Horns equipped and while invincible after taking damage, it was possible to overlap with Drill Knight’s sprite and deal significant damage.
Fix – Inverse Repeller – will now pull gems towards you when they are embedded in Conveyor Dirt.
Fix – Drill Block – Boneclang doesn’t take damage and is pushed into the wall.
Fix – Music would not resume after using the Fenix Feather.
Fix – Fenix Feather would cause the screen to darken permanently until the stage was reloaded.
Fix – With the Ballistic Armor equipped, Shovel Knight could zoom to the end of a Mushdoom quickly in specific scenarios.
Fix – Pandemonium Plate now chooses from unlocked armors.
Fix – With the Boomerang Shovel equipped, a duplicate shovel could appear when thrown while entering a flip door.
Fix – Instances where the Hive Queen was warping where she shouldn’t.
Fix – The feat ’Dirt Poor’ wasn’t triggering correctly under certain conditions
Fix – The feat ’True Shovelry’ was obtainable from Whisker.
Fix – The feat ’Order Of Hoarders’ can no longer unlock in the Main Menu.
Fix – The feat ’Weeding’ would re-lock after collecting the Throwing Trowel
Fix – The feat ’Penny Pincher’ was being incorrectly unlocked under certain conditions.
Fix – The feat ’Hurry Up’ used profile time and not game-session time.
Fix – Minor localization issues with menus and shops.
Fix – You can now break out of being frozen when using Morphlance without needing to get hit again.
Fix – Instances where Relics could be stuck in ball form if landing on a moving platform in a specific way.
Fix – Master Argus’s shop sometimes had blank options upon the very first load of the menu.
Fix – Player was able to toss their Boomerang shovel and lose it while falling into a well, causing them to soft lock when reaching the next room.
Fix – General fixes with Ratsploders and bombs when interacting with collision.
Fix – Scrap Knight would soft lock when using the Gusteo Wand or the Comet Collar.
Fix – A bug where it was possible to defeat Spore Knight twice, which caused a soft lock.
Fix – Using the Fenix Feather during some bosses would cause a soft lock.
Fix – When using Comet Collar or Gusteo Wand on enemies/bosses, it inadvertently resulted in them being pushed through walls and becoming inaccessible.
Fix – Several potential soft locks in secret rooms.
Fix – Various ambush rooms when using Shadow Cast relic.
Fix – Instances where duplicate or similar stage signs would appear as level options.
Fix – Duplicate Blueprint in Hive appeared immediately after collecting one.
Fix – On rare occasions, players could experience infinitely loading wells with no stage generated.
Fix – Instances where the background tiles would shift or glitch.
Fix – Shovel Knight can no longer die by bombs falling onto him during a dream sequence.
Fix – Removing bombs in areas that were causing frustration.
Fix – The bomb door did not appear during Enchantress’s unlock path.
Fix – Bubble-spawning has been removed from Capsule rooms to avoid Shovel Knight dying in a safe area.
Fix – Some rooms in Secret Fountain were not providing rewards when they should have.
Fix – Issue in a Secret Fountain side room where a crab would not attack that prevented the player from completing the room puzzle.
Fix – Autoscaling health didn’t work when using the Rebuy Loadout option.
Fix – The title-screen camera moved erratically when petting Altius, exiting to title, and opening a new save file.
Fix – Can no longer unlock a Master Argus challenge in the tutorial.
Fix – Shield health was not being restored after taking damage from a dream sequence.
Fix – Shield-break effect wasn’t visible when the player had 2 or more rows of health.
Fix – Altius can no longer appear twice in the same stage.
Fix – Hard and normal Side Drill behaviors were inadvertently reversed.
Fix – Misalignment of the icons in the language menu
Fix – Sometimes leaderboard scores would report as a 0 score
Fix – Sometimes accessories wouldn’t display for leaderboard scores
Fix – Gatronomole would sometimes sell duplicate items within the same stage
Fix – Drill Knight Elite Guards would sometimes not attack you during an ambush
Fix – Adjusted side rooms to prevent softlocks
Fix – After purchasing a Relic Key from Hoofman, the game will save the purchase
Fix – Localization Bugs
Fix – Issues with Fenix Feather causing problem with boss fights under certain conditions
Fix – Spore Knight fight now plays correct music track
Fix – Fixed a phantom option existing within the options screen on the campfire hub
Fix – No longer able to pause the game on the surface when the iris-out effect is active
Fix – Autostep no longer disabled when holding the attack button
Fix – Altius following you no longer leads to less sideroom variety
Fix – Floating platforms no longer snap into place when returning from a room transition
Fix – Occasions where Altius appears to clip into wall art where treasure chests are placed in tiny rooms.
Fix – For end-area sfx

Improvement – Level Design improvements in Secret Fountain involving side room design, access to locked doors, and gears in instances where it made it near impossible to reach
Improvement – Level design improvements to Smeltworks for siderooms that improve design and reduce unfairness.
Improvement – Mushroom Mines room changes that remove unfair hidden spikes in some rooms.
Improvement – Removed continuous threats in a variety of stages to reduce difficulty.
Improvement – Optimizations to text rendering and text effects.
Improvement – How Crossbows reactivate when entering a horizontal room in Drill Knight’s Castle.
Improvement – Added title screen congratulation unlock prompts for regular and True Endings.
Improvement – Added more text hints to help with unlocking the True Ending.
Improvement – Made it so the Cancel button could be used to exit Master Argus’ menu in the camp.
Improvement – After defeating a Propeller Rat with a drill, the drill now pauses longer before falling and won’t damage player as soon as the Propeller Rat has been defeated
Improvement – added animation flourishes during the True Ending questline.
Improvement – Player is no longer required to speak with Shield Knight when attempting the True Ending.
Improvement – Increased the amount of time it takes bombs to explode when dropped by Floorbs.
Improvement – Special food now appears in your gear menu.
Improvement – War Horn – Tweaked cooldown and overall damage balance.
Improvement – Fire Blorb hitbox has been reduced by 1 pixel per side.
Improvement – Familiars will no longer kill Drill Knight when Shovel Knight is holding the Omega Driver.
Improvement – Feat – 60-second standoff with the Omega Saw no longer requires the player to have escaped the Omega Saw, provided 60 seconds have passed while the Omega Saw is onscreen.
Improvement – Updated many chunks in Mushroom Mines to improve gameplay.
Improvement – Many Shadow Cast relic improvements in a variety of rooms.
Improvement – It’s now possible to cancel Daily/Weekly Leaderboard flags if you accidentally activate one.
Improvement – Added a warning for Shovel Master move when a move is being replaced.
Improvement – Animation improvements for high-FPS monitors.
Improvement – Adjusted sorting priority on moving platforms so they no longer clip incorrectly with background art.
Improvement – Spore Knight boss fight adjustments
Improvement – Level design adjustments for Secret Fountain
Improvement – Game will now pause if your controller becomes disconnected
Improvement – Drill Capsule favors player proximity with long-reaching weapons

Adjustment – While wearing the Ballistic Armor, Shovel Knight will now be pushed back when you hit someone in ball form.
Adjustment – Final Guard now offers you only 3 items, reduces the number of gems saved, and damage taken has been reduced by a slight bit.
Adjustment – Master Argus now only offers 2 items.
Adjustment – When using Whisker to warp, max health is now set to 6 when skipping to a stage.
Adjustment – Adjusted the chances of items appearing in Gastronomole’s shop to prevent duplicate items from appearing.
Adjustment – Millbug enemy was made easier by reducing the spinning time by 1 second.
Adjustment – Reduced the number of Gems that Drill Soldier could drop.
Adjustment – Lava well has a rarer chance of generating in Smeltworks.
Adjustment – Overall HPaccumulation balance adjustments.
Adjustment – Side Drills now only deal 1 damage.
Adjustment – Drill Knight Castle – Conveyor Dirt was moving too fast; it now moves at the intended speed.
Adjustment – Shovel Knight will not unlock levels if the run was started via Whisker.

Shovel Knight Dig is available now digitally via Switch eShop.


Update (11/12): The 1.1.3 update for Shovel Knight Dig is now live on Switch.

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