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Spirittea “SPECQUACKULAR” update out now (version 1.6.6), patch notes

Posted on April 2, 2024 by (@NE_Brian) in News, Switch eShop

Spirittea SPECQUACKULAR update

Spirittea just issued a new “SPECQUACKULAR” update on Switch, bringing the game to version 1.6.6.

New content has been added, including ducks, a new shop vendor, and more. With all of the other changes as well, the Switch version is now in line with the PC release.

Here’s the full rundown of the new update:

Spirittea “SPECQUACKULAR” update version 1.6.6 patch notes

New Content

  • DUCKS! You’ll now be able to have cute, algae eating ducks in your bathhouse! 
  • You’ll find a brand new shop vendor called Ito who will have a few new things to sell! His truck will pass through town here and there, so be sure to keep an eye out!
  • You’ll notice new seasonal mechanics in the bathhouse! Depending on the season, you’ll find your baths filling up with algae, ice, and even fallen leaves! Keep the baths clean (with the help of the ducks!) to make room for your spirits! Maybe the new bathhouse heaters might help? Perhaps a net might help pick up those pesky leaves outside?
  • We gave Bruce some new animations!
  • We added a reticule to fishing, so now it’s even easier to see where the bobber will land and where exactly you’re fishing! 

List of Changes

  • Drinking game changed to sinking cups!
  • Added naked reaction text for Ito 
  • Fixed error where items could be lost by placing them on shelves and tables
  • Fixed issues with items disappearing within inventory
  • Fixed issue where NPC’s would disappear behind the restaurant
  • Fixed bug where NPC’s would become stuck on a path upon reload
  • Fixed issue with Quill where on Saturday nights at the food stall he would ask if you want to stop hanging out with him
  • Issue fixed with NPC’s appearing on the map at a certain location but them actually not being there
  • Fixed issue where NPC’s couldn’t be found during tutorial quests whilst with Amelia if you had quit to main menu mid game
  • Fixed multiple issues in Miko’s quest around the mysterious rabbit and cake
  • Fixed issues with a softlock during Leigh’s quest if you spoke to the spirit behind the canvas
  • Doubled ugligrass spawn rate
  • Fixed issue with Clarence’s quest where the statues wouldn’t come back if you left the room
  • Fixed issues with the boar where they could hit the player when they were passing into another room
  • Removed requirement to complete Onishi’s quest for algae to start appearing
  • Fixed collision issue with Ito’s truck
  • Fixed Ito’s icon appearing where Yumi is on map
  • Fixed an issue where ducks being full wasn’t reset upon a new day
  • Fixed bug where player can’t pick something up after leaving bathhouse while attempting to hold duck
  • Fixed a bug where the green truck’s collision box would be present even if the player was in a different room
  • Fixed crash when player hits bath monkeys with net
  • Fixed bug where there appeared to be a stretched sprite drawn below the ducks occasionally
  • Fixed amount of friendship given to NPC if player wins minigame (was half of amount if NPC wins)
  • Fixed a bug where Amelia’s and Clarence’s quests were still both triggering on the mountain at the same time
  • Fixed an issue where food couldn’t be given to spirits when attempting to give it from above spirits (aka spirits sitting in the top row of the bath)
  • Wonyan can’t be talked to (or get in your way) when the bathhouse is running (unless the tutorial hasn’t been completed yet)
  • Fixed bug where if recipe from crab (Julian’s quest) spawns in an inaccessible place, re-entering the room will move the recipe to the beach
  • Gave Fae a sleeping animation
  • Added sound effects to poobirds
  • Fish can be offered at the lord spirit offering table, as well as given to spirits while bathing
  • Allowed player to be able to run the bathhouse on the weekend even when Fae has an upgrade scheduled (because she’s technically not working)
  • Modified quest code/save data so that the town board will now consider quests completed without needing to talk to NPCs after you’ve helped out the spirit. The NPCs will still have the post quest dialogue and the notebook won’t be marked as completed until you talk to them, but the town board will take down the notice after you’ve helped the spirit
  • Made it so Yumi’s quest can be triggered if it’s 5 something pm, so long as she’s not still in the school
  • Added backup code that will teleport Yumi to the correct spot at the end of her quest if her pathfinding fails for 3 seconds
  • Fixed the selling shrine displaying a -1 for a price
  • Fixed crash due to bath monkeys not being able to find a spot in the outdoor baths
  • Fixed the resale value of rice to be equal to the sale value (rather than worth more)
  • Changed criteria for the quest done stamp in the notebook (marked completed when expected. No post-quest dialogue needed to mark as complete)
  • Fixed a bug where oil beetle can’t be caught in trap without crash
  • Fixed a bug (again) where NPC hobbies in notebook were being recorded as “1”
  • Fixed bug where the shop called seaweed “seaweed soup”
  • Fixed a bug where getting hit with snowball while biking makes bike disappear
  • Fixed a bug where biking while getting an item resulted in item floating and unable to be picked up
  • Edited player collision code to stop them from passing through the bridge on the east side of town
  • Fixed a bug where player could clip through the bridge on the right side of town
  • Tentatively fixed bug where game would crash and error report indicated bath monkeys were the cause
  • Added names to the bottoms of letters
  • Changed the end of Amelia’s quest so that you can get the post-quest dialogue even if NPC is working the shop
  • Fixed a bug where Wonyan gave Morinoba’s steam deck dialogue at end of game
  • Fixed bug where player couldn’t pass through the temple tunnel
  • Seemed to fix bug where rabbit spirit in Miko’s quest teleports through wall if you place the lure close to the purple door in Miko’s house
  • Fixed book UI to make sure progress bar can’t surpass the UI space for it
  • Fixed a bug where you can’t cook fish in bathhouse
  • Fixed a bug where Amelia’s quest status isn’t reset after quest completion, so her freetime inquiries and dialogue are still quest-related
  • Fixed coding error with bath spots (hopefully related to why spirits sometimes disappear from tub)
  • Fixed (again) the mix-up between the two dig spot locations down by the temple area
  • Fixed some sloppy coding for Sujin’s quest where the spirit might appear unresponsive
  • Manually set some NPCs to be performing certain actions during the “meet the townsfolk” segment of the intro
  • Made 2 books in Song’s shop purchasable more than once
  • Fixed a spelling bug with Eric’s dialogue about remembering to play music
  • Fixed a bug where button prompt to show details said “welcome to the karaoke minigame”
  • Bath monkeys won’t be stuck levitating if you release them near a lamp, as well as when you’re hovering over an object you can pick up
  • Fixed a crash when Yari is destroyed because the season switched to fall when the player slept
  • Removed NPC destroy event (moved code to clean up event)
  • Fixed Morinoba’s dialogue when playing on Steam Deck
  • Removed train carriage destroy event and replaced it with clean up event
  • Blocked the boiler saw from being accessible until specific parts of the tutorial
  • Made the bathhouse tutorial entrance invisible blocker persistent during the tutorial so players can’t break the tutorial by accidentally leaving at the wrong time
  • Added an extra line of clarification to the bathhouse upgrades UI (upon paying for an upgrade) indicating the day the upgrade will be finished, and stating that Fae will finish the upgrade at the end of her work day on that day
  • Fixed a bug where lord spirit text when moving between rooms would cause time to freeze
  • Changed some code to help with crashes when entering/exiting the bathhouse
  • Put a check in to destroy the train if it’s somehow around when it’s not 7am or 9pm
  • Fixed an issue where if you saved the game after seeing the bathhouse with Wonyan for the first time (exterior) and exited completely, you will now be able to progress the tutorial in the convenience store as intended
  • Fixed a bug where “blank text” text appears in Yumi’s page of notebook
  • Fixed a bug where there was seemingly another character page in the notebook to the right of Yumi’s page. Also removed the ability to flip past Yumi’s (the last) page
  • Fixed a bug where if you were moving an object in storage or the fridge to a new location, and instead of selecting the new location you chose the initial spot, the item would disappear
  • Jan will now stop 35 pixels from the target NPC when helping the player find everyone, rather than stopping on top of them
  • Added backup to prevent baby boar from hitting player while player is entering a new room

The Spirittea “SPECQUACKULAR” version 1.6.6 update is now live on Switch.


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