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Spirittea update out now (version 1.5.3), patch notes

Posted on January 30, 2024 by (@NE_Brian) in News, Switch eShop

Spirittea update 1.5.3

A new update for Spirittea was recently released on Switch via version 1.5.3.

There are a bunch of additions, quality of life improvements, and bug fixes here. We have the full patch notes below.

Spirittea update version 1.5.3 patch notes

  • Fixed an issue with Ling’s quest where you couldn’t interact with the skeleton
  • Fixed an issue with Ling’s quest where the skeleton would place itself under the bridge and you couldn’t see it
  • Increased demon pepper spawn rate from 50 to 72
  • Added butterfruit pie and mixed vegetable recipes to the shop
  • Removed all drum prompts from easy Karaoke tracks
  • Reduced drum prompts from medium difficulty Karaoke tracks
  • Hard difficulty tracks remain unaffected
  • Added insect flutter sound when they fly away
  • Fix a bug with the chipadee, and the player can no longer put it in their bag
  • Fixed a bug where towels were being left outside in unreachable places
  • Accommodated the situation where the player would pass out outside and the towels would be misplaced
  • Fixed a bug where the prisoner and bard figurine weren’t being recorded as collected
  • Separated Miko and Amelia more when they’re preparing Kimchi in front of the shop in the mornings
  • Removed the option to use a joystick for Karaoke as inputs were too inaccurate
  • Removed penalty of losing points if you input incorrectly or mistimed in Karaoke
  • One of a kind shrine items now cannot be sold
  • Sora’s dialogue now uses the correct player name when bug catching with him
  • Fixed an issue with spirit vision teapot blinking not resetting after sleeping
  • Fixed an issue where if you close the bathhouse, NPC helpers with towels in the main room will not spawn their towels unless you go to another room and come back. Now the towels will appear where/when they should
  • Any towels that were dropped in an unreachable location in the outdoor baths area can now be recovered
  • Fixed an issue where the stinker statue would be misnamed as sun melon
  • You’re now NOT able to be holding a towel (clean, wet, dirty), open bag and swap to a different item (resulting in towel ending up in backpack)
  • Now when you open the bathhouse door, the game will check that there are at least 10 towels available to you in the bathhouse somewhere (this is to prevent players from losing towels and being unable to run the bathhouse to earn more money).
  • For players who collected the bard and prisoner figurine before the bug and the game didn’t record them as collected, this is now fixed. Players who have the figurines can get the achievement
  • The boombox can now be purchased more than once
  • Added a check at the bathhouse door that counts how many towels you have when entering the bathhouse (starting at 10 towels in the tutorial). The towel count is checked every time you open the bathhouse door and counts ones you’ve bought recently at the shop. If you lose some towels during your bathhouse shift, you will be given them back the next time you enter the bathhouse doors
  • Fixed a bug where player health was below 0, meaning they couldn’t move
  • Fixed a bug where Leigh won’t talk to the player during his quest (if he’s NOT painting)
  • Fixed bug where home cooking UI doesn’t recognize new doubled storage and fridge sizes
  • Fixed a bug where the “Fall is Coming” painting appeared in every room once it was up on display
  • Added Juso as a post-quest spirit
  • Added Flitt as a post-quest spirit
  • Leveling up while sweeping the bathhouse won’t bug out the brooms anymore
  • The baby boar doesn’t move if time is paused or if there’s a loading screen (aka you’re trying to enter a house)
  • Reset the player’s elevation level (z) to 1 when sleeping to avoid a bug where players can’t get into the tunnel by the temple due to an invisible barrier
  • Added 2 post-quest spirits (Avanis and Lunariss) NOTE: Lunariss not interactable in 1.5.3. AD
  • Removed ability to eat as a tanuki (consuming another T-nuke soda as a tanuki soft locked the game)
  • Fixed a bug where Quill’s sand castle wouldn’t appear
  • Fixed a bug where the pamphlet records Jillian or Yari’s friendship as 0 if they’re not currently in town
  • Fixed a pamphlet bug where the book’s current chapter was being calculated incorrectly, stopping people from 100%’ing the pamphlet and getting the achievement
  • Now, as long as you’ve bought the bike, it will appear outside of your home anytime you sleep or become exhausted (like magic!)
  • Repairing bruce’s shrine destroys the repair kit so the shrine can’t be repaired more than 3 times
  • Added quest hints for Leigh
  • Gave Julian’s knife a name!
  • Cooking elixirs at home now produces 3 elixirs instead of just 1
  • Ensured that plants regrow their fruits
  • Fixed a bug where Fonuki wasn’t revealed in game after the reveal sequence
  • Fixed a visual bug with large text and boxes when looking at recipe ingredients in the bathhouse recipe book
  • Fixed a bug where the spirit’s countdown timer in Clarence’s quest was drawn too large in non-English languages
  • Fixed a bug where NPC hobbies appear as “1” instead of a word
  • Fixed a bug where berry bushes were growing odd items rather than berries
  • Pumpkins grow and honey spawns in all seasons
  • Added UI commands on screen to the Spirits section of the game menu
  • Added UI commands on screen to the Collections section of the game menu
  • Added UI commands on screen to the Friendships section of the game menu
  • Fixed gacha figurine code (villager was rare but queen is meant to be the most rare), and upped the Queen’s rarity from 1% to 2%
  • Fixed a bug where destroying snowmen with a net didn’t count towards quest completion
  • Figurines now have a default resale value of 65
  • Slight tweaks to NPC pathing code to try and figure out Eric’s strange pathing that happens on occasion during his quest (as well as other NPCs doing it randomly as well)
  • Slightly tweaked the “follow” code so that NPCs or players following someone have slightly smarter pathfinding
  • Added depth to the front of the temple (2 posts) and gave the posts tiny collision boxes

The Spirittea version 1.5.3 update is out now on Switch.

Note that there’s much more to come in the future. Seasonal factors when running the bathhouse, bathhouse ducks, a new NPC vendor, and revamped NPC portraits are being added in a future update.

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