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Splatoon 3 – Splatfest #11 results – Handshake vs. Fist Bump vs. Hug

Posted on November 19, 2023 by (@NE_Brian) in News, Switch

Splatoon 3 Splatfest results Handshake vs. Fist Bump vs. Hug

Nintendo just shared the latest Splatfest results for Splatoon 3, which was Team Handshake vs. Team Fist Bump vs. Team Hug. Players were asked which one of these is their go-to greeting.

The halftime results showed another pretty close battle. Team Fist Bump held the lead, but only at 34.60 percent. Team Hug was next at 33.61 percent followed by Team Handshake at 31.79 percent.

Below are the full results for the eleventh Splatfest in Splatoon 3 with the Handshake vs. Fist Bump vs. Hug event:

The results here didn’t go the way some may have expected. Team Fist Bump had the edge with the sneak peek, votes, and clout (open), but Team Handshake won the clout (pro) and tricolor categories. That was enough to put Team Handshake over the edge by just three points.

Here’s a further breakdown of the results:

Splatfest #11 Results – Handshake vs. Fist Bump vs. Hug

Final Results

  • Team Handshake: 30p
  • Team Fist Bump: 27p
  • Team Hug: 0p 

Sneak Peek

  • Team Handshake: 32.73%
  • Team Fist Bump: 35.01%
  • Team Hug: 32.26%


  • Team Handshake: 18.45%
  • Team Fist Bump: 47.91%
  • Team Hug: 33.64%

Clout (Open)

  • Team Handshake: 32.48%
  • Team Fist Bump: 34.31%
  • Team Hug: 33.21%

Clout (Pro)

  • Team Handshake: 35.62%
  • Team Fist Bump: 32.25%
  • Team Hug: 32.13%

Clout (Tricolor Battle)

  • Team Handshake: 34.78%
  • Team Fist Bump: 32.91%
  • Team Hug: 32.31%

Note: Japan had its own Splatfest in which Team Oban-yaki took home the prize.

What do you make of the latest Splatfest results? Did you participate in the new event this weekend? Let us know in the comments below.

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