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Splatoon Live in Makuhari CD – full tracklist

Posted on July 2, 2016 by (@NE_Brian) in News, Wii U

On July 13, Japan will be receiving the Splatoon Live in Makuhari CD. Famitsu published the full lineup of tracks included earlier today. Head past the break for the entire listing.

1. Opening?MC1 (1st Live)
2. Ink Me Up (1st Live)
3. Now or Never! (1st Live)
4. MC2 (1st Live)
5. City of Color (1st Live)
6. MC3 (1st Live)
7. Maritime Memory (1st Live)
8. MC4 (1st Live)
9. Calamari Inkantation (1st Live)
10. Opening?MC1 (2nd Live)
11. Ink Me Up (2nd Live)
12. Now or Never! (2nd Live)
13. MC2 (2nd Live)
14. Callie’s solo – Tokimeki?Bomb Rush (2nd Live)
15. Marie’s solo – Sumisoae no Yoru (2nd Live)
16. MC3 (2nd Live)
17. City of Color (2nd Live)
18. MC4 (2nd Live)
19. Maritime Memory (2nd Live)
20. MC5 (2nd Live)
21. Calamari Inkantation (2nd Live)
22. Ink Me Up
23. Now or Never!
24. Callie’s solo – Tokimeki?Bomb Rush
25. Marie’s solo – Sumisoae no Yoru
26. City of Color
27. Maritime Memory
28. Calamari Inkantation
29. High Color News Title Call
30. SE: Voice (Callie) Surprise
31. SE: Voice (Callie) Closing Words
32. SE: Voice (Callie) Laughter
33. SE: Voice (Callie) Excitement
34. SE: Voice (Marie) Greeting
35. SE: Voice (Marie) Announcement
36. SE: Voice (Marie) Halfhearted answer
37. SE: Voice (Marie) Excitement
38. City of Color (Shy-Ho-Shy Demo)
39. Splattack! ~ Friend List (Fall 2015 PV)
40. Splattack! (New Stage Dancing)



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