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Sprout Valley set to receive Summer DLC, free update

Posted on June 17, 2024 by (@NE_Brian) in News, Switch eShop

Sprout Valley Summer DLC

Sprout Valley has some new things in store between its Summer DLC plus a free update.

Players can expect a bunch of different content across the board. Some of the highlights include new areas, new animals and plans, crafting recipes, and more.

Here’s the full rundown as to what’s planned:

Can you feel the holiday atmosphere? Visit Ostara as there summer is about to begin in full swing. Soon players will be able to enjoy a huge update expanding the world of Sprout Valley with new areas with brand new resources, animals and plants. The Summer DLC will be available from 24 of June on Steam and Nintendo Switch.

Also, on 20 of July, a new patch will be released. Pets come to Nico with a special gift – welcome Pet Buffs – an ultimate upgrade to all adorable creatures that can accompany us along the journey through Ostara. 

This time, the creator of the game – Vadzim Liakhovich – has prepared something completely special, which will certainly delight players. For the wonderful world of Ostara will be greatly expanded – three new large biomes like sand, stone and jungle will be added.

Todays’ patch coming with Nico’s pets upgrades includes a huge variety of buffs. These cute pets will boost the main character when it comes to Speed, Travel, Luck and Energy.

With the new areas, entirely new distinctive animals and plants will be available as well as materials and crafting recipes.

Players for the first time will have the opportunity to find and take new resources – cactus and bamboo. From them, they will be able to create new furniture, dishes – such as cactus salad and useful devices like cactus juicer and automatic bamboo fish trap.

While staying on the topic of fishes, there will be three new specimens to catch like stone fish (stone biome exclusive), sand fish (sand biome exclusive) and jade (jungle biome exclusive)!

Those interested in Sprout Valley can pick it up now via the Switch eShop. We’ve got more coverage on it here.

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