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Square Enix shows how it asked Akira Toriyama to design Dragon Quest XI’s main characters

Posted on August 6, 2017 by (@NE_Brian) in 3DS, News, Switch

At the Dragon Quest Festival 2017 in Tokyo, Square Enix offered new insight into the game’s creation. The company published images which show how Akira Toriyama was asked to come up with the various designs.

Siliconera translated the various notes, which we’ve included below. Note that spoilers were removed from the description.


  • A 16-year old boy at about 170cm in height.
  • A “hero” pursued by the kingdom, at the mercy of fate.
  • A design that will make you think of “hero in the rough” who is different from past heroes.


  • A cool 19-year-old young man of about 175cm in height.
  • A mysterious hooded “Thief” who protects the hero under pursuit.
  • A master of the sword who travels with the protagonist in order to _____.
  • Outfit pointers: He wears a hooded outfit. His hood is usually down.


  • ______ of about 160cm in height.
  • A “Priest” descended from a family tasked with protecting the hero.
  • An easygoing and innocent personality. Has a harp.
  • Outfit pointers: please make it a miniskirt.



  • A _______ girl of about 125cm in height.
  • A “Mage” descended from a family tasked with protecting the hero.
  • A robe and staff that is too big for her size. A strong personality.


  • A ♥-year-old man of about 185cm in height.
  • A dashing entertainer with a feminine way of speaking.
  • A slim but muscular man with sex appeal. The party’s mood maker (life of a party).



  • A ___ year-old girl of about 170cm in height.
  • A “Female Monk” who travels the world with Row and has style.
  • Is a mix of elegant and ____. Is sexy.
  • Costume pointers: Please give her a cool weapon like a Naginata.


  • An old man of around 70 years of age and 155cm in height.
  • A “Mage” who travels with Martina.
  • He used to be a _____.
  • A nice old man.

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