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Steredenn: Binary Stars update out now (version 2.1.0)

Posted on April 10, 2018 by (@NE_Brian) in News, Switch eShop

A rather sizable update has been released for Steredenn: Binary Stars on Switch. As of now, players can download version 2.1.0.

Highlights for the patch include 1080p when docked, fixed crashes, improved performance and rumble, new backgrounds, and balancing / fixing minor issues. We have the full patch notes below.


  • Add 3 environments.
  • Rocks, mines, bulletmines, bumpers and other small explodable elements have a small movement.
  • Use bumpers on gamepads.
  • Improve first level’s background. It’s huuuge. The whole solar system. Waow. 
  • Improve loop first level’s background.
  • Improve vibrations on gamepads (if supported). Way way better!
  • Improve texts.


  • Increase performances for bullets and Asteroid Fields.
  • Optimize Stasisbot and Stasisgun.
  • Use correct background for special bosses in Arena.
  • Handle language change in the settings in a smoother way.
  • Rework Arena starting animation.
  • Add Pro Controller support on PC.
  • Fix Tempest taking a normal weapon in its melee slot (which was not a viable strategy since the weapon was not useable, sorry).
  • Fix spamming bugs with the Tempest special ability.
  • Fix Garbage Collector cross pattern.
  • Fix some errors in texts.
  • Fix some bugs in Arena’s game over.
  • Fix some starting weapons not considered unlocked by default.
  • Fix bug with two identical controllers considered the same in co-op.
  • Fix artefacts being dropped after the destruction of a miniboss in the Arena.
  • Fix the Rocket Circus’ targeting during the Asteroworm fight.
  • Fix a rare date bug in Daily Run.
  • Fix Red Baron boss’ trail not cleaned correctly during hypespaces.
  • Fix trails when the SUPERCHABAL is destroyed.
  • Fix mini-Garbage Collector trails.
  • Fix audio bugs.
  • Fix pesky misalignment issues for special ability UI.


  • Tweak Specialist for a better game experience. Changes below.
  • Bots under the Specialist Aura have a bigger shield radius.
  • Bots under the Specialist Aura are pushed back each time they get hit. You have to move to stay behind them. This is a big change, but it’s a good one, don’t worry. 😉
  • Specialist can stop freefalling Bots by coming near them.
  • Bots can target new enemies more quickly.
  • Ghost Bots (from Next-Gen Special) ignore the Specialist aura.
  • Remove Specialist passive bonus damage.
  • Reduce Fury special ability damage bonus.
  • Reduce Ninjabot damage.
  • Reduce Minirockets damage and increase cooldown.
  • Reduce Quick Reload bonus a bit.
  • Reduce Laserbot damage.
  • Balance Flamebot.
  • Increase Ancient Power damage.
  • Modify Cruiser MK2 patterns conditions.
  • Modify Gunbot boost mode.
  • Melee weapons don’t trigger suicide bullets in loops.
  • Change damage type of Red Baron’s spread weapon.
  • Improve heal speed of a health capsule.
  • Shieldbots last longer but can only be spawned twice with a bigger cooldown.
  • Shieldbots can stop laser.
  • Shieldbots don’t destroy ally bots created near them.
  • Shieldbots are less vulnerable to collisions.
  • Shieldbots blink more when they are almost discharged.
  • Shieldbots last longer under the Specialist aura.
  • Rework Reflector to be more intuitive and easier to use.
  • Reflector shows an animation when fully charged.
  • Shield shows an animation when fully charged.
  • Shield stops small lasers.
  • Change probabilities on SUPERCHABAL and Asteroworm.
  • Increase cooldown of the Baygun.
  • Reduce number of bullets reflected by the Heavy Shielder.
  • Rename “Reconfigured Slot Design” to “Improved Reconfiguration System”.


  • Fix many crashes.
  • Improve UI in different modes.
  • Improve 1080p support.
  • Improve vibrations.
  • Improve performances.
  • Add ability to record movies (just hold the screenshot button). 


  • The initial music (with specialist and baron) is incorrect or paused after a restart.


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