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Plug In Digital

The riot simulator Anarcute is making its way to Switch, publisher Plug In Digital and developer Anarteam announced today. A digital release on the eShop is set for May 30.

Here’s an overview of Anarcute, along with a trailer:

The Game Kitchen’s psychological horror point-and-click adventure game The Last Door is coming to Switch, publisher Plug In Digital has announced. It will be released on the eShop this month as The Last Door: Complete Edition.

While Plug In Digital doesn’t make this entirely clear, Complete Edition appears to include both seasons of The Last Door with all content. Here’s the rundown on both plus trailers:

Plug in Digital, Voxler, and NoClip have announced that Zombie Night Terror is coming to Switch today. The game previously released on PC, Mac, and Linux where it received some acclaim.

Here’s an overview for the lemmings-like game:

Double Kick Heroes is in the works for Switch, Headbang Club and Plug In Digital have revealed. The mixture of shoot’em up and rhythm gameplay will be on the eShop this summer.

We have the following overview for Double Kick Heroes:

Bury me, my Love is releasing on Switch, Plug In Digital revealed during the Kinda Funny Games Showcase today. A release is planned for December 10.

Here’s an overview plus a trailer:

Momonga Pinball Adventures is the latest instance of a Wii U game moving over to Switch. According to the North American eShop, it’s slated for October 18.

Here’s an overview and trailer for the pinball game:

During a Gamescom live stream at the Arena Indie Booth, Away: Journey to the Unexpected’s newest build was shown off with a bunch of footage. Continue on below for the recording.

Hover is finally coming to Switch next month, a listing on the European eShop reveals. The game is lined up for September 20.

Hover features a futuristic open world as a single and multiplayer parkour game. We have more details and a trailer below.

Game Informer has an early look at Old School Musical ahead of its September 13 release. Check out some footage below.

Hollow Tree Games has announced a release date for its first-person explorer game Shape of the World. Switch owners will be able to purchase it starting on June 6, the studio has announced.

Shape of the World found success on Kickstarter in 2015. Hollow Tree founder Stu Maxwell works as a senior VFX artist for The Coalition, the studio behind Gears of War 4.