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Hollow Tree Games has announced a release date for its first-person explorer game Shape of the World. Switch owners will be able to purchase it starting on June 6, the studio has announced.

Shape of the World found success on Kickstarter in 2015. Hollow Tree founder Stu Maxwell works as a senior VFX artist for The Coalition, the studio behind Gears of War 4.

White Night will soon be available for Switch. In fact, its just a few days off, as the eShop shows a release date of May 17.

In White Night, you’ll be exploring the past of an old mansion from the 1930’s while solving puzzles of light and shadow. A more in-depth overview can be found below, along with a trailer.

Listings on the North American and European eShops show that Goblinz Studio is bringing Dungeon Rushers to Switch. It’s due out on May 25, and pre-loading is live.

As the title implies, Dungeon Rushers features a mix of dungeon crawling and turn-based battles. We have further details and a trailer below.

A Normal Lost Phone joined the Switch eShop last month. Its spiritual sequel, Another Lost Phone: Laura’s Story, will be available next week.

The European eShop shows that Another Lost Phone: Laura’s Story is due out on April 26, and pre-orders are already live. North America should be getting it on the same day.

Here’s some information about Another Lost Phone: Laura’s Story, along with a trailer:

Bombslinger footage

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Tomorrow, Mode4 and Plug In Digital will be putting Bombslinger on the Switch eShop. Take a look at some footage below.

A rather sizable update has been released for Steredenn: Binary Stars on Switch. As of now, players can download version 2.1.0.

Highlights for the patch include 1080p when docked, fixed crashes, improved performance and rumble, new backgrounds, and balancing / fixing minor issues. We have the full patch notes below.

Super Rocket Shootout is making its way to Switch next month, according to a listing on the eShop. It’s currently on track for April 5. Pre-orders are now live as well.

Super Rocket Shootout is a brawler with a story mode as well as local multiplayer. We’ve included a bunch of details and a trailer below.

A listing on the North American eShop shows that TealRocks Studio is bringing DragoDino to Switch. It’s currently lined up for April 27.

In DragoDino, you’ll guide “Bob” through ten different levels while you explore, fight enemies, and collect powers. The game includes two difficulty modes, local co-op, unlockable characters, and more.

Thanks to the Switch news section, we now know that Shape of the World is planned for the console. The game has its own channel, meaning a release should be planned for the near future.

Shape of the World was funded on Kickstarter a few years ago by Stu Maxwell, a senior VFX artist who worked on Gears of War 4. Plug In Digital and Seaven Studios were later brought in to finish development. It’s a first-person exploration game “where you’re cast as an outsider in a surreal organic world that reacts to your presence.” Players will experience “a psychedelically colorful ecosystem of flourishing flora, rambling waterfalls, burgeoning mountains, glowing monoliths and graceful creatures.”

With Steredenn: Binary Stars arriving on Switch today, Pixelnest has readied a launch trailer for the game. We have it below.

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