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Super Mario Run – Mega Event! Gold Goomba! event begins

Posted on February 1, 2017 by in Mobile

Super Mario Run is featuring a new event, the “Mega Event! Gold Goomba!” In this event, Gold Goombas will appear on certain levels in World Tour. Jumping on these Goombas will earn a bonus 30 coins, as well as fill in a space on a special stamp card. By earning 20 of these stamps, players will earn a unique building, and, by completing multiple stamp cards, will get more buildings. The prizes are as follows:

  • Complete 1 Stamp Card: Gold Goomba Statue
  • Complete 2 Stamp Cards: Gold Goomba Statue x2
  • Complete 3 Stamp Cards: Gold Goomba Statue x3
  • Complete 4 Stamp Cards: Big Gold Goomba Statue

Your course ranking will not be affected by taking on Gold Goomba courses. The event runs until February 20, and you can see a few images of its features below:

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