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Hamster has published a trailer for ACA NeoGeo The King of Fighters ’96, which is out now on Switch via the eShop. Check it out below.

Double Dragon was originally supposed to hit Switch this week. However, the game is missing in action. It’s not up on any of the eShops, and Hamster has also confirmed a delay.

Hamster hasn’t set a new release date at this time. The company promises to share news on its Twitter account in the future, though we may learn about it through an early eShop listing beforehand.


The King of Fighters ’96 is this week’s NeoGeo game on Switch. Take a look at some gameplay footage in the video below.

ACA NeoGeo Pulstar footage

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Pulstar was the latest game to hit Switch, and can now be purchased on the eShop. Have a look at some footage below.

We’ll have to wait one more day for Arcade Archives Vs. Super Mario Bros. in the west, but it just landed on the Japanese Switch eShop. View some footage below.

Switch is getting not one, but two new classic games next week. In addition to The King of Fighters ’96, Double Dragon will also be available.

Here’s a brief overview:

“Double Dragon is an action game that was released from Technos Japan in 1987. Two brothers fight with evil, to rescue Marian that has been kidnapped by violence organization.”

Arcade Archives Double Dragon will be out on December 28. Pricing is set at $7.99 / €6.99 / £6.29.

Source: Switch eShop

Thanks to a listing on the Japanese Switch eShop, we can confirm next week’s NeoGeo game on Switch. Hamster will be releasing The King of Fighters ’96 in all regions on December 28.

Here’s a brief overview:

“The King of Fighters ’96 is a fighting game released by SNK in 1996. A total of 27 playable characters are available. New game mechanics such as the Emergency Evasion, short and mid-hops make their entry for the first time in the legendary Series, adding a new depth to the fights. The story focuses on the second chapter of the Orochi trilogy.”

ACA NeoGeo The King of Fighters ’96 will cost $7.99 / €6.99 / £6.29.

Source: Switch eShop

Switch received another NeoGeo game today with the arrival of The Last Blade. Have a look at some footage in the video below.

During a live stream on NicoNico today, Hamster announced the next wave of NeoGeo titles bound for Switch. The King of Fighters ’96, King of Monsters, Art of Fighting II, Power Spikes II, World Heroes 2, Samurai Shodown II, and 2020 Baseball have all been confirmed.

Hamster didn’t set official dates yet, but these titles could be released sequentially. We’ll keep you updated on the releases each week as we normally do in any case.

A new listing on the Japanese eShop confirms which NeoGeo title is due out for Switch next week. On December 21, Hamster will be publishing Pulstar.

Here’s a brief overview:

Pulstar is a side-scrolling shooting game released by SNK in 1995. Control the “Dino246”, and take down the aliens who are attacking the solar system. The game features a verity of offensive and defensive options, including 5 unique Voyager items and special IO items. Use everything at your disposal to protect your ship and defeat the alien threat!

You can expect ACA NeoGeo Pulstar to cost the regular $7.99 / €6.99 / £6.29.

Source: Switch eShop

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