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Hamster will have yet another NeoGeo game ready to go on Switch this week. The King of Fighters 2001, which was just recently announced for new platforms, will be releasing this week worldwide.

Here’s a brief introduction:

During a live stream at the Tokyo Game Show, Hamster announced a few new NeoGeo games for Switch. That wasn’t all though, as we’ve also found out about upcoming titles for the Arcade Archives series.

Newly-announced games include Donkey Kong Jr., Urban Champion, Alpha Mission, Ninja-Kid II, Route-16, Athena, Ikari Warriors, and Image Fight. Release dates have not yet been confirmed. We’ll keep you updated as Hamster pins down the dates.

Hamster is currently hosting a live stream on Niconico from the Tokyo Game Show. During the event, several new NeoGeo games were announced for Switch.

The King of Fighters 2001, Zupapa!, 3 Count Bout, Pleasure Goal, Savage Reign, and Strikers 1945 Plus are on the way. Bust-A-Move and Bust-A-Move Again were also reconfirmed.

No word on specific release dates at this time. However, these games should be rolled out gradually in the near future.

Hamster announced two new games for the ACA NeoGeo series at the Tokyo game Show today. Bust-A-Move and Bust-A-Move Again are both on the way, the company revealed. These games are also known as Puzzle Bobble and Puzzle Bobble 2.

Both titles should eventually be made available on Switch via the eShop. Release dates have not yet been provided.


Today, Hamster is bringing the next Nintendo arcade release to Switch with Excitebike. Get a look at some footage in the video below.

Hamster hasn’t slowed down with its NeoGeo releases, this time bringing Cyber Lip to Switch today. Take a look at some footage below.

Cyber-Lip is coming to Switch this week as the latest NeoGeo game, Hamster has announced. All regions will have access starting tomorrow, September 20.

Cyber-Lip was originally released in 1990. In the side-scroller shooter and platformer, players take on the roles of two soldiers who set out on a mission to stop a malfunctioning military supercomputer that handles all military androids.

Source: Hamster PR

Arcade Arcade Excitebike is coming to Switch this week, Famitsu reports. A release is planned for September 21. Pricing is set at 762 yen.

Given Hamster’s past titles, we should expect a release worldwide for this one. If anything changes, however, we’ll be sure to let you know.


Hamster released a new arcade game on Switch today in the form of Rygar. We have some footage showing off the title below.

Hamster is releasing Aggressors of Dark Kombat on Switch this week as the latest NeoGeo title. Check out some footage below.

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