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Bomberman Panic Bomber

The import title Bomberman Panic Bomber hit the North American Wii U Virtual Console today. See some footage in the video below.

Bomberman Panic Bomber was originally supposed to the the North American Wii U Virtual Console last week, at least according to what Nintendo listed on its website. It was slated to launch alongside two other classics. That didn’t happen for whatever reason, but now Bomberman Panic Bomber has popped back up on the site with a November 23 release date.

Here’s the overview once again:

“Rotate Bomberman as they fall. Line-up alike colors to clear your side, and send rubble over to your opponent. When a giant red bomb appears, use it clear a large area on you side and send a huge amount of rubble your opponents way. Watch out though, if your Bomberman reach the top, it’s game over!”

Bomberman Panic Bomber will cost $5.99 on Wii U.


The North American Wii U Virtual Console is adding three more games this week. Nintendo’s website lists Bomberman Panic Bomber, Salamander, and Break In for tomorrow. Each one will cost $5.99.

Continue on below for more information about all three games.