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IGN wrote up a new article on SteamWorld Dig 2, which was just announced for Switch today. Along with tidbits of information, some comments from Image & Form CEO Brjann Sigurgeirsson are thrown in as well. Find a roundup of everything below.

– Set just after the original Dig
– Dorothy has given up on finding ex-hero Rusty and moved to the town of El Machino
– Something spurs her to head underground once more
– Much bigger than the original
– Should feel like a more traditional Metroidvania
– Uses the first game’s gently ballooning inventory of items and skills as more like puzzle pieces than simple keys to the next area
– “in Dig, the only way was down. With Dig 2 you’ll be spending more time exploring and figuring stuff out.”
– Demo is set in a Spelunky-esque temple environment
– Here you’re introduced to new heroine Dorothy’s digging, wall-jumping, boss-killing and upgrades through a twisting course of tunnels
– Dig 2 will be entirely handcrafted as opposed to procedurally-generated
– Part of the developer’s aim to make the sequel fairer to those looking to rush through the sequel’s new, wide world

“It’s one of the ways Image & Form has improved over the past four years, we now have resident level designers, and we’ve spent thousands of hours on the level design of the game. Not only does that mean that we can make the game as interesting as possible, there are other benefits as well. We don’t have to program around possibly dead-end scenarios as we did for Dig.”

“Although it was very well received, we knew there was more to SteamWorld Dig than we managed back in 2013. Ironically, it was a bit frustrating to see all those great reviews when we’d had so much more planned for it initially. So I think we knew we’d revisit the Dig era rather sooner than later.”