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Taito Milestones English

ININ Games’ partnership with Taito continues, as the company today announced that it has plans to offer Taito Milestones for Switch in the west and in English.

Taito Milestones was first announced back in June. At the time, it had only been confirmed for Japan. This is the first time we’re hearing about a western launch for Taito Milestones, which will include full English support.

As a reminder, Taito Milestones will include the games listed below:

Continuing to expand the Arcade Archives label of classic arcade games, Hamster has announced that this week’s addition will be the maze game Raimais. Check out some details on Raimais below from the International Arcade Museum.

During a live stream earlier this week, Famitsu showed off Libble Rabble and Black Heart – the latest titles in the Arcade Archives series for Switch. The full recording is available for those that would like to catch up on the gameplay shown.

Here’s an overview of both games:

Hamster has been bringing classic arcade titles to the Switch eShop with its Arcade Archives label, a growing collection of games that includes many retro titles from a variety of publishers spanning games made from the 80s to the 90s. The company has just announced that the latest entry to this series will be Arcade Archives Libble Rabble, below are some details from the International Arcade Museum.

Hamster has announced the latest classic game entry to its growing Arcade Archives label on the Switch eShop. This week’s new game is Black Heart, arriving digitally on Switch tomorrow. Here are some details on the game from the International Arcade Museum:

Famitsu has provided gameplay of the latest Arcade Archives titles on Switch, Mappy and Sky Kid. The former came out last week while the latter just arrived a few days ago. Both were shown during Famitsu’s live stream recording.

Below are overviews of both titles:

The latest addition to Hamster’s Arcade Archives lineup of retro games has been announced. Sky Kid, a horizontal shooter featuring a bombing biplane, is scheduled to arrive on the Switch eShop later this week. Here are some details on the title from the International Arcade Museum:

Hamster has been bringing hundreds of arcade classics to the Switch eShop through its Arcade Archives label, spanning many genres and release years. This week’s game is the platformer Mappy, here is an overview from the International Arcade Museum:

Arcade Archives Rally-X and Arcade Archives The Genji and the Heike Clans both recently came to Switch, and we now have gameplay of each. This comes as part of a recent live stream from Famitsu.

Here’s an overview of both titles:

Hamster has unveiled the latest game arriving on the Switch eShop through their Arcade Archives collection. This week’s title is the Namco classic maze racing game Rally X, and it arrives tomorrow. Here is some information on Rally X, courtesy of International Arcade Museum.

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