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Dungeon Village 2

Kairosoft is gearing up for another Switch release, as the company has announced that Dungeon Village 2 will be appearing on the eShop next week. You’ll be able to pick it up starting June 2, 2022.

The original Dungeon Village made it to Switch back in 2018.

Burger Bistro Story

According to an eShop listing, Burger Bistro Story will be appearing on Switch next week. It’s the latest simulation title from Kairosoft, who has already released a plethora of other titles in the genre for Nintendo’s console.

The official overview for Burger Bistro Story can be found below with more details:

Boxing Gym Story

Kairosoft has announced its latest sim title for Switch, with Boxing Gym Story set to arrive on Switch next week. Fans can get their hands on the game starting March 17, 2022.

Below is an official overview with more details:

Beastie Bay DX

Kairosoft has another game planned for Switch, as an eShop listing is showing that Beastie Bay DX will be available next week.

Like the company’s other games, Beastie Bay DX is a simulation title. After ended up on a desolate island, you’ll try to survive by planting crops, building housing and power sources, and transforming the area in different ways.

Read more about Beastie Bay DX below.

Basketball Club Story

According to an eShop listing, Kairosoft intends to publish another one of its sim games on Switch next week. A store page has popped up for Basketball Club Story, which is planned for June 3.

Here’s an overview of the game, along with a trailer:

Mega Mall Story 2

Kairosoft will have to more simulation titles ready to go on Switch next week. Mega Mall Story 2 and Wild Park Manager are both planned for March 25, according to eShop listings.

Below are further details and trailers for each:

Station Manager

Kairosoft today announced that it’s putting another simulation game on Switch. Station Manager is planned for February 4 worldwide, the company confirmed.

Here’s an overview of Station Manager, along with a trailer:

Kairosoft is bringing another simulation game to Switch next week. Biz Builder Delux is slated for December 3 on the Switch eShop, the company announced today.

Here’s an overview of the game, along with a trailer:

Kairosoft has already released a bunch of different games on Switch and doesn’t appear to be slowing down anytime soon. 8-Bit Farm was announced today as its latest title, with a release set for October 29.

Here’s an overview of 8-Bit Farm, along with a trailer:

The Ramen Sensei

Today, Kairosoft announced The Ramen Sensei as its latest game for Switch. The simulation title is due out on October 8 worldwide.

We have the following overview and trailer for The Ramen Sensei:

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