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Physical Contact: Speed

Physical Contact: Speed was originally expected on the Switch eShop today. In fact, Nintendo of Europe even listed it in its Nintendo Download press release for the week. Strangely though, it’s nowhere to be seen.

Developer Collavier sent out an update about the situation on its Twitter page. Physical Contact: Speed has been delayed, but not for terribly long. You can now expect it on July 13.


GoNNER won’t be the only new game on the Switch eShop this week. Nintendo’s website is listing Physical Contact: Speed for the system, which should be available on Thursday.

Here’s an overview:

It is a game series where two people can play against one device.
If you play with your body in close contact, the match will be more fun.
Any two partners, including parents, friends, lover, etc, are suitable.
Because it is simple and rules that everyone knows, you can start the game immediately on the spot.
If you use the handicap function you can match the level of the two people.
Because the match-up time is short, I can play anytime and anywhere when I feel like it.
Of course there is also a 1P play mode for one’s time.

Please enjoy together!

– “SPEED” is one of simple and profound card games that will win if you use up your hand first.

It is characterized by requiring reflexes.

Physical Contact: Speed will cost $4.99.


Physical Contact: Speed has been dated for the Japanese Switch eShop. It’s set for release on June 29 with a 500 yen price point. Physical Contact will also be out in the west at some point.

Here’s a new trailer for Physical Contact: Speed:

Collavier is preparing Physical Contact: Speed for worldwide release on the Switch eShop. A release date has yet to be finalized, but we do know that the card game will cost $4.99 / €4.99.

Access the Physical Contact: Speed site here. We’ve included an overview from the page below.