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ExitMan Deluxe gameplay

14 minutes of gameplay has surfaced for ExitMan Deluxe . After a previous delay, the title launched on Switch this week.

Here’s a bit of information as provided by the official overview:

ExitMan Deluxe release date set

Today, Rainy Frog shared a release date for ExitMan Deluxe on Switch. The game will be available on February 2, 2023.

It was almost a year ago that the Switch version was first confirmed. The initial plan was to have it out last spring, so clearly more time was ultimately needed.

ExitMan debuted several years ago as a mobile title, and Rainy Frog is now bringing it to Switch and other consoles as part of a new Deluxe release. It’s currently on track to debut later this spring.

Below is an overview of ExitMan Deluxe, courtesy of Rainy Frog:

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