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Nicalis hasn’t said when Redout will be available on Switch. But going off of GameStop, it could be out within a couple of months. In its weekly ad, the retailer claims that the title is set to launch on July 25.

GameStop isn’t just going out on a limb here. What’s encouraging is that Amazon and Best Buy both have July 25 listed on their websites as well. And with GameStop coming out in its ad with a July 25 release date, hopefully Redout will in fact be out on Switch next month.


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Wondering when Redout will be heading to Switch? It may not be too long until we receive a final date. Developer 34BigThings wrote in a blog post that an announcement should be made “soon”.

Going into specifics as to why it’s taken so long, 34BigThings explained that the initial PC release required a great amount of resources. This resulted in “less allocated time, more assets, regression bugs, more optimisation work” on consoles. In the end, “PC gamers got more stuff early, console gamers will get a polished game with the same content.”

34BigThings wrote:

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