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Sometimes You

Sometimes You and DP Games have announced that Summertime Madness, a first-person puzzle game, is in development for Switch. We’ll be seeing it later in 2021 on Nintendo’s console.

We have the following overview and trailer for Summertime Madness:

In Rays of the Light will be releasing on Switch later this month, but some footage has emerged a bit early. Check out the gameplay below.

You’ll be able to play In Rays of the Light starting on March 17. We have more on the game here.

Today, Sometimes You and Sergey Noskov announced that they’re bringing In Rays of the Light to Switch. Originally released in 2012 as The Light, the release on Nintendo’s console has been created as a remake.

Here’s an overview of In Rays of the Light, along with a trailer:

The 2D platformer Sir Lovelot is slated for Switch next week. For a look at some gameplay footage, check out the video below.

Sir Lovelot is lined up for March 3 on the Switch eShop. Additional information and a trailer can be found here.

Sometimes You and Pixel Games have announced that Sir Lovelot, a 2D platformer, will be releasing on Switch next month. The game is expected on March 3.

We have the following overview and trailer for Sir Lovelot:

9 Eyes Game Studio’ first-person action-adventure game Mask of Mists is making its way to Switch courtesy of Sometimes You, an eShop listing reveals. A release is scheduled for September 2.

Here’s an overview of Mask of Mists, along with a trailer:

Steam Tactics, a tactical turn-based RPG, made it to Switch earlier this week. Check out the official launch trailer below.

Steam Tactics is being distributed for Switch via the eShop.

According to an eShop listing, Sometimes You will be publishing Igor Rashkuev’s tactical turn-based RPG Steam Tactics on Switch next month. A release is planned for August 5.

Here’s an overview of Steam Tactics, along with a trailer:

Sometimes You is bringing the run-and-gun platformer Bucket Knight to Switch next week, an eShop listing reveals. The game will launch on February 28.

We have the following overview, trailer, and footage for Bucket Knight:

The puzzle-adventure game 7th Sector released on Switch earlier this week on the eShop. We have the game’s launch trailer below.