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Parking Garage Rally

The arcade racer Parking Garage Rally has been announced for Switch – sort of. Solo developer Walaber is looking to respond to fan requests for additional platforms. However, a Switch release will only happen if Parking Garage Rally sells 50,000 copies. The developer will even make a SEGA Saturn version if it sells 100,000 copies.

As for why this approach is being taken, Walaber explained: “Whenever I post about the game on social media, I get a lot of feedback from people that they’d like a Switch version and they’d like me to fully lean into the SEGA Saturn inspirations and release a Saturn version. Bringing Parking Garage Rally Circuit to Switch would be amazing and I’d love nothing more than to create a SEGA Saturn version – it’s a console that I dearly love! I’m a solo dev, however, so making these kinds of commitments aren’t easy for me, but I’ve decided to announce that if you buy it, I’m going to do it! If the game sells 50,000 copies, I’ll make a Switch version and if the game hits 100,000 copies sold, I’ll make that Saturn version too!”

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