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Telltale shares more praise for Switch, working to bring past titles over

Posted on November 15, 2017 by (@NE_Brian) in News, Switch

Telltale has continually praised Switch, and VP David Bowman once again had more positivity to share in an interview with NintendoOn. Bowman said that the system “is wonderful”, especially since Switch gives you more play options since it’s both a home console and portable.

Bowman’s full words:

“I think the platform is wonderful: anything that allows people to have mobility and flexibility in how they play and where they play – I’m all in favor of that. This is a really cool and accessible piece of hardware, that allows people to play the way they wanna play, so developing for it makes perfect sense for telltale games. We have projects heading towards it right now – we’re taking our back catalogue right now, individually one by one moving it over. As long as our memory profiler works on it, we’re going to port it over and make it ready to play.”

Bowman was also specifically asked about which Telltale games are planned for Switch. When asked about the likes of The Walking Dead, Game of Thrones, and Guardians of Galaxy, Bowman replied:

“That is one of our goals – the reason I can’t answer easily is because we have only so many people in the building and every time we want to take some of our catalogue and move it to a new platform that takes a period of time. We’ve done the technology portion of it and now this takes to the production people, the people who that have to rearrange content to make sure it works well on the platform… they are working now – that is happening at the same time we’re continuing to make our traditional games in our traditional platforms. So is a matter of time: we believe in the platform, we think it’s good and it makes financial sense for us to do it.”


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