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Another piece of evidence has emerged suggesting that Batman: The Enemy Within is coming soon to Switch. This week, the ESRB rated it for Nintendo’s console.

This is the second rating for Batman: The Enemy Within on Switch. Back in May, we came across a similar classification from the USK.

Batman: The Telltale Series can currently be purchased for Switch. The Enemy Within acts as a sequel with five new episodes.

Telltale Games announced The Walking Dead: The Final Season for Switch not too long ago. But if you haven’t played the previous seasons on other platforms, it might have less of an impact. Fans have therefore been hoping that the other titles would land on Switch as well.

Perhaps Telltale has been listening, as European retailer MediaMarkt is listing The Walking Dead Season 1 and 2 for Switch. In fact, the second listing even includes a boxart. This isn’t a confirmation, but it’s certainly a good sign that we’ll be getting more of The Walking Dead on Switch.

Both listings have an August 31 release date. Though even if the listings are trustworthy, that date could just be temporary.

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The Walking Dead: The Final Season made an appearance during the PC Gaming Show at E3 today. Check out the recording below for a few more minutes of footage.

First gameplay from The Walking Dead: The Final Season debuted on YouTube Live at E3 yesterday. Have a look at the recording below, which also contains an interview with developers James Windeler and Melissa Hutchison.

Telltale’s The Walking Dead series started way back in 2012. It will all finally conclude with a final season, which is now confirmed for Switch.

Telltale has not yet actually released any of the prior series on Nintendo consoles. But today, the company announced that The Walking Dead: The Final Season will appear on Switch later this year.

We have more information about The Walking Dead: The Final Season below, along with a trailer.

Minecraft: Story Mode – Season Two was first rated for Switch by the USK last month. It has also since been classified by the ESRB. Now we have the strongest evidence yet of a Switch release.

Over on Amazon Mexico, a page has appeared for a Switch version of Minecraft: Story Mode – Season Two, complete with what looks to be the official boxart. If the listing is accurate, we’ll be seeing the game on July 24.

Minecraft: Story Mode – The Complete Adventure came to Switch last August. Season Two is the sequel with an additional five episodes.

Thanks to MrCafecitoYT for the tip.

Telltale Games may have plans to release Batman: The Enemy Within on Switch soon. Over on the USK, it received a rating just a couple of weeks ago.

Batman: The Telltale Series landed on Switch last November. The Enemy Within is a sequel with five new episodes.

Telltale appears to be ramping up its support for Switch. Minecraft: Story Mode – Season Two was also rated by the USK in April, and also just received a classification from the ESRB this week.

It’s been awhile since we last heard about Telltale’s plans for Switch. Minecraft: Story Mode – The Complete Adventure came out last August, followed by Batman – The Telltale Series in November.

Looking forward to the future, it seems like Minecraft: Story Mode – Season Two will also be making its way to Switch. Though we don’t have an official announcement yet, it was rated for Nintendo’s console by the USK earlier this month. An announcement could be coming soon.

Telltale previously hinted that Minecraft: Story Mode – Season Two would be possible on Switch. Guardians of the Galaxy is also something that we thought would end up on the system, but we don’t have any news on that front just yet.

Batman: The Telltale Series debuted on Switch this week. For a look at how the game compares to the PlayStation 4 version, watch the video below.

Telltale has continually praised Switch, and VP David Bowman once again had more positivity to share in an interview with NintendoOn. Bowman said that the system “is wonderful”, especially since Switch gives you more play options since it’s both a home console and portable.

Bowman’s full words:

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