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The Flame in the Flood Switch tech analysis, PS4 comparison

Posted on October 20, 2017 by (@NE_Brian) in Switch eShop, Videos

The Flame in the Flood recently made it to Switch. With the game having also been published on other platforms, Digital Foundry decided to see how the Switch version holds up.

Similar to other systems, The Flame in the Flood runs at an uncapped frame rate on Switch. That can lead to gameplay that isn’t always smooth. However, the title appears to be fairly comparable to the PlayStation 4 edition.

You may notice visual differences between docked and portable modes. When playing in handheld mode, The Flame in the Flood has some additional effects.

The Flame in the Flood runs at 900p on Switch when docked, in comparison to 1080p on PlayStation 4. Switch’s image quality manages to hold up thanks to anti-aliasing. The main differences between the two versions concern lighting, with some light sources being absent on Switch when docked. Although Switch’s resolution is around 672p, it makes up for it with the additional graphical effects.

Due to The Flame in the Flood’s undocked frame rate, the game usually runs in the mid-40s. However, you may see slight dips and rises above and below that mark.

That’s a summary from Digital Foundry’s report. You can watch the full analysis below.

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