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The Good Life update out now on Switch (version 1.6.0), patch notes

Posted on November 4, 2021 by in News, Switch

Playism and White Owls have rolled out a new update for The Good Life on Switch, addressing several major bugs with new fixes and tweaking some aspects of the game’s difficulty. Here are the full patch notes:

Game Difficulty Adjustments
  • Added “Tutorial Book” located in Naomi’s home to allow players to revisit past tutorials.
  • Adjusted rewards for Douglas’ sheep race side quest as follows:
    Trial 1 Clear Rank 3 £50→£60
    Trial 2 Clear Rank 1 £450→£250
    Trial 2 Clear Rank 2 £300→£180
    Trial 2 Clear Rank 3 £150→£80
    Trial 3 Clear Rank 1 £750→£350
    Trial 3 Clear Rank 2 £500→£200
    Trial 3 Clear Rank 3 £250→£100
  • Adjusted the number of Emokes received for certain objects.
  • Increased the number of rats around the area during “Running, Leaping, Hopping Shoes” quest in Prologue 2.
  • Removed previous fix that allowed players to own increased quantities of “Badass Jacket”, “Badass Shoes”, and “Badass Trousers”.
Bug Fixes (Quests)
  • Fixed issue where Henry’s side quest 2 fails to progress.
  • Fixed issue where the quest titled “Secrets of the Happiest Town in the World” remains in quest tab after the ending.
Other Bug Fixes (Major)
  • Fixed issue that prevents objects placed in player’s garden from being stored in storage after upgrading garden.
  • Reduced the increased of storage space after unlocking the outdoor campground from 50 to 14.
  • Fixed issue where opening the storage menu when the storage capacity exceeds 150 causes the game to freeze.
  • Fixed issue where message allowing players choose fails to be displayed after picking up item when inventory is full (all 100 slots filled) and the item picked up is automatically lost.
  • Fixed issue where the player, in cat form, jumps through buildings and walls when exiting cardboard box.
Other Bug Fixes (Minor)
  • Fixed translation mistakes.
  • Fixed issue where Clay’s name is displayed as “Naomi” during normal conversations.
  • Fixed issue where photo tag is not displayed for the fireplace in the Witch’s room.
  • Fixed issue that prevented players from deleting the default photo after uploading it onto Flamingo.
  • Fixed issue where the suburb inn keeper’s name is displayed as “Morris” during conversations.
  • Fixed issue where an error is displayed if the suburb inn keeper is not specified.
  • Fixed issue where some items on the traders’ shop pages show an excessively large inventory number.


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