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The Hundred Line: Last Defense Academy announced for Switch, from Danganronpa creators

Posted on June 18, 2024 by (@NE_Brian) in News, Switch

Last Defense Academy

During today’s Nintendo Direct, The Hundred Line Last Defense Academy was announced for Switch from the creators of Danganronpa. The game is set for release in 2025.

First details can be found in the following overview:

Project Extreme x Despair is here! From the creators of the Danganronpa and Zero Escape series comes a brand-new adventure game!

Takumi Sumino is a totally average teenager living in the Tokyo Residential Complex, a place where every day is much like the last and nothing bad ever happens. All that changes when freakish monsters attack the town and start wreaking havoc. A strange creature calling himself Sirei appears and offers Takumi the power to protect those he holds dear… All he has to do is stab himself in the chest!

The next thing he knows, Takumi is in Last Defense Academy, a school in the middle of nowhere surrounded by a wall of otherworldly flames. He and 14 other students have been drafted into the Special Defense Unit, a team tasked with keeping the school safe for the next 100 days. How much are they willing to sacrifice to take back their normal lives and save the world from the grotesque school invaders?

The curtain rises on 100 days of war and despair…

Key Features

  • 100 Extreme Despair-Filled Endings – Takumi’s choices will decide his future, but there’s no telling what kind of consequences these decisions might have…
  • Defensive Battles – When the invaders attack, it’s up to you to protect the school in strategy RPG battles. Use each student’s unique Specialist Skills to turn the tide of battle in your favor!
  • Free Time and Exploration – Spend time with your teammates to deepen your bonds, or explore the wilderness and ruins outside the school. You can even use the items you find to craft gifts and get even closer to your allies!

Get a look at the debut trailer for The Hundred Line: Last Defense Academy below.

Announcement Trailer

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