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Too Kyo Games

Last Defense Academy

During today’s Nintendo Direct, The Hundred Line Last Defense Academy was announced for Switch from the creators of Danganronpa. The game is set for release in 2025.

First details can be found in the following overview:

Master Detective Archives: Rain Code review

System: Switch
Release Date: June 30, 2023
Developer: Spike Chunsoft / Too Kyo Games
Publisher: Spike Chunsoft

Waking in a strange storage room, our protagonist dusts himself off and finds himself without memory. Unsure of who he is, or what he was doing beforehand, he quickly investigates his surroundings. With a strange voice echoing now and again, sometimes seeming to guide him, he finds a letter in his pocket. Perplexed, worried, and with just his name and destination in mind, he exits out into a train station in a rush to hopefully make the journey to learn of himself and his fate. This is Master Detective Archives: Rain Code, the latest game from the creator of Danganronpa.

World's End Club

The release of the Switch game World’s End Club is being celebrated with a new launch trailer. We’ve attached the video below.

As a reminder, World’s End Club can be picked up on Switch either physically or digitally. You can find some additional information here.

World's End Club

This week, a demo for World’s End Club was made available on the Switch eShop worldwide. Take a look at some footage in the video below.

World’s End Club arrives for Switch on May 27 in Japan and May 28 in the west.

World's End Club

A demo for World’s End Club went live on the Japanese Switch eShop yesterday, but thankfully, it’s not just limited to that region. The same trial can now be downloaded in other parts of the world.

NIS America celebrated the news with a new trailer. We’ve included the video below.

World End's Club

World’s End Club is getting a demo, Izanagi Games announced today. It will go up on the Japanese Switch eShop on May 6. Given how NIS America has treated demos in the west, it’s likely that we’ll be seeing the trial in North America and Europe at some point, though there has been no official announcement just yet.

The demo for World’s End Club will let players experience the early parts of the game. Progress can be transferred to the full version.

World's End Club

NIS America has revealed a pair of special editions for World’s End Club.

First up is the Deluxe Edition, which will be available at all major retailers. It contains a copy of the game, the “Go-Getters Club Yearbook” Mini Art Book, the “Anthem of Friendship” Digital Soundtrack Sampler, and a Reversible Coversheet.

World's End Club

Izanagi Games and Too Kyo Games confirmed the action-adventure game World’s End Club for Switch a few months ago. An update was provided during today’s Nintendo Direct.

We have the following overview and trailer for World’s End Club:

World's End Club

Publisher Izanagi Games and developer Too Kyo Games today announced that World’s End Club, an action-adventure game, will be released for Switch in Spring 2021.

Zero Escape creator Kotaro Uchikoshi is involved with the scenario and directing. Danganronpa writer Kazutaka Kodaka is also acting as creative director.

Here’s an overview of World’s End Club, along with a trailer:

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