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The Music of 2013 – Have Your Say!

Posted on December 17, 2013 by (@Patricklous) in Features, Reader Poll, Reader Poll

Hey everyone, it’s Patrick here. I might not be part of the usual podcast crew, but this year I’m trying to put together a podcast showcasing the very best of game music from throughout the year.

While there’s plenty of music from this year that I personally love, I want to know what everyone’s favourite soundtracks are so I’ve put a short poll together. OK, so it’s not really that short, but hopefully people won’t be wondering why their favourite game wasn’t included on the poll. I’ll leave it to you decide what constitutes a game from 2013 – I’ve included some games like Bravely Default on the list, even though it will technically be released three years in a row. Of course, it’s also limited to Nintendo consoles, partly because of the name of the site and partly because no-one wants to edit a 10-hour podcast.

Let your voice heard through this handy dandy voting form and I might just read your comments out on the podcast.

Update: Thanks to everyone who participated in the poll. I’m tabulating the results now so I won’t be counting any new votes. Merry Christmas!

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