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The Pathless rating suggests Switch release

Posted on April 1, 2022 by (@NE_Brian) in News, Switch eShop

The Pathless

The Pathless has never released – yet alone been announced – for Switch, but that could be changing at some point in the future.

Over on the ESRB website, a classification listing was added to the database. It’s a brand new rating, and a Switch-specific one at that.

The Pathless is an action-adventure game from Giant Squid, the team behind Abzu. It’s been available on most platforms since November 2020, so it’d be great to see Switch added to the mix.

Here’s some information about the game:

From the creators of ABZÛ, The Pathless is the mythic adventure of an archer and an eagle in a vast forest.

Archery and Falconry
Become the Hunter, a master of archery who travels to a mystical island to dispel a curse of darkness that grips the world. Forge a connection with your eagle companion and soar through the air. Perform fluid acrobatics and execute awesome trick shots with a unique archery system that allows effortless shooting while moving at high speeds.

Explore an Open World
Forge your own path through a beautiful open world packed with secrets to find. Traverse misty forests, lush meadows and snowy tundras. Discover the dark history of the island as you solve puzzles in ancient ruins and unearth long-forgotten secrets.

Hunt Corrupted Spirits
Giant corrupted spirits lurk in the woods. Use all your skill to hunt them down, but be careful not to become the hunted yourself. Engage in epic battles against the cursed beasts to restore light to the land. The bond with your eagle and the fate of the world hang in the balance.

We also have the following trailer:

We’ll let you know if we hear anything officially about a Switch version of The Pathless.

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