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Annapurna Interactive

COCOON launch trailer

Annapurna Interactive and Geometric Interactive prepared a launch trailer for COCOON. The game, a sci-fi adventure experience, just released on Switch.

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Storyteller update

A new update just went out for Storyteller on Switch that includes some new content.

Free to all players, it includes all new themes, chapters, and a mischievous new character that will allow players to re-experience the game’s stories with a new twist. Other quality of life improvements and fixes are included as well.

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Solar Ash Switch release date

Solar Ash, the action platformer from publisher Annapurna Interactive and developer Heart Machine, has now been confirmed for Switch. On Nintendo’s console, the game is slated for September 14, 2023.

Solar Ash was thought to be bound for Switch after ratings popped up earlier this year. However, this is the first official confirmation we’ve received.

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Kentucky Route Zero TV Edition Postmodern update

Kentucky Route Zero: TV Edition has been on Switch for a few years now, but you might be interested to hear that it just received a new “Postmodern” update.

The update includes an overhaul of the user interface, called “Modern” mode. On top of that, the game has added new language support and improvements to existing translations, along with bug fixes and improvements.

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Neon White physical

Today, iam8bit and distribution partner Skybound Games, together with publisher Annapurna Interactive and developer Ben Esposito and Angel Matrix, announced a physical release for Neon White on Switch.

The title will be sold at all major retailers, and it includes an original 11 x 17 in. foldout poster and artwork by character artist Rebecca Ryan. Also planned is an iam8bit Edition featuring the game, five Neon White anime-style “character peeker” stickers, an exclusive cover sheet by character artist Rebecca Ryan, a soundtrack by Machine Girl.

Thirsty Suitors release date

Today, Annapurna Interactive and developer Outloop Games shared a final release date for Thirsty Suitors. The Switch title arrives on November, 2023.

Thirsty Suitors was essentially announced for Switch one year ago. The title, a story-driven adventure with turn-based battles, didn’t previously have a release window.

COCOON release date

COCOON, the upcoming Switch game led by founders Jeppe Carlsen, the lead gameplay designer of Limbo and Inside and award-winning programmer / composer Jakob Schmid, just got a release date. Publisher Annapurna Interactive confirmed its launch for September 29, 2023.

COCOON was announced for Switch last June. The title last had a general 2023 release window.

My demo with Thirsty Suitors had me battling an ex-boyfriend by slinging insults, racking up combos at an abandoned skatepark, and cooking food to win my parents’ approval. Credit where credit is due: I don’t think any other game has tried to do those three specific things at once! It feels like exactly the type of game you’d expect to see Annapurna publishing these days – a little surreal, very experimental, and handcrafted to surprise you at almost every turn. While I’m a little unsure about how Thirsty Suitors will manage to tie all its ideas together into a cohesive package, I’ve enjoyed the rollercoaster ride that I’ve experienced so far.

Cocoon preview

Cocoon is enrapturing. A few minutes into my demo, I had already managed to completely block out the noise of the bustling Summer Game Fest crowds around me – no small feat – and found myself completely absorbed in the mysterious desert landscapes of the alien planet I was exploring. While ostensibly a game about solving puzzles, playing Cocoon felt less like working out solutions to brainteasers, and more like trying to interpret and learn the rules of the world around me. Or, worlds, to be more precise. While its developer, Geometric Interactive, isn’t revealing too many of the game’s secrets just yet, I’m captivated by what I’ve played so far, and can’t wait to untangle the web of its interconnected pieces.

Maquette gameplay

Following the debut of Maquette on Switch, new gameplay has emerged. Annapurna Interactive and Graceful Decay put the first-person recursive puzzle title on Switch this week.

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