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Thief’s Roulette – To be published by Top Hat Studios on Switch

Posted on January 24, 2020 by in News, Switch

After being crowd-funded via Kickstarter, Thief’s Roulette will be coming to Switch and other platforms courtesy of Top Hat Studios. This choice-driven puzzle game draws inspiration by such games as Danganronpa and Zero Escape. A new PC demo of  the title is planned for release “soon.” The full game was last announced as planned for release this spring. Take a look at an overview from the publisher after the break, as well as a trailer:


Thief’s Roulette is a choice-driven puzzle game inspired by the Danganronpa and Zero Escape series. Thief’s Roulette takes the narrative heavy design of visual novels and combines it with immersive, first-person puzzle gameplay to create a unique gaming experience. Thief’s Roulette hopes to take the player on a journey through betrayal, deception, and trust. Player freedom through choices, building alliances, or creating rivals will be the driving force of the game.


Thief’s Roulette takes place in a far off future Earth, where people are no strangers to android life, body augmentation, or any of the other concepts of a high-tech society. Our characters live with it every day, to them it is the way things have always been. That is simply the world they inhabit, and it all takes a back seat to the terrible events that the characters must face.

Key Features

  • A gripping story of deception. Who you choose to align with may either lead to your death or your survival.
  • Heavy player choices that can alter the path of the story.
  • Multiple endings.
  • Immersive and intricate puzzles to solve.
  • A natural approach to difficulty. Any time during a puzzle, you may ask your teammates for help. Players who want to take on the challenge with no clues can simply not ask for assistance.
  • Fully explorable 3D environments and visual novel-style artwork.
  • A cast of unique characters with their own goals and personalities. Some are only out for themselves, others may have your back when the time comes.


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