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Tons of new Fire Emblem: Three Houses info & screenshots: Classes, quests, fishing

Posted on May 29, 2019 by (@OnePunchMaz) in News, Switch

Famitsu posted a new preview for Fire Emblem: Three Houses today. The article contains a ton of new information as well as some new screenshots, which you can view below. We’ve summarized the most important bits (credit goes to BlackKite for the translation):

  • Two villains have been revealed: the Death God Knight, who’s rumored to be abducting people every night, and the Flame Emperor, who seems to have ordered bandits to attack students of the academy
  • The major story-progression battles seem to be the same no matter which house you choose, however some might provide more story background; for example, one battle is about Lord Ronato staging a rebellion – Ashe of the Blue Lions house is his adopted son
  • Link Attack: if other allies are also in range to attack an enemy, the main attacker gets accuracy and evasion bonuses; certain pairings of characters get higher bonuses, and this also results in a gain of support points
  • Link Stratagem: powerful combat maneuver that gets even stronger depending on the number of units participating and their support levels; has a limited number of uses per battle
  • Adjutant: somewhat similar to the Pair-Up feature from recent games, after reaching a certain Professor Level, the protagonist can assign one character as an adjutant to another character; they will support them in battle by attacking enemies, defending them or healing them; the adjutant also gains experience with this, so it’s a good way of training weaker characters
  • Some maps will have chests with items inside – these can be opened either with a key or by a character with the lockpick skill
  • Some maps have drawbridges that can raised or lowered
  • Enemies that carry items they will drop upon defeat are marked with a green treasure icon, making them easy to spot
  • Edelgard, Dimitri and Claude can promote to the Lord class; the Lord class has the unique skill Charisma, which raises the damage of an adjacent ally by 3
  • The Pegasus Knight class is once again female-only
  • If you don’t want to bother with the smaller details of academy life, you can choose to skip ahead to a certain date; the game will automatically do some of the lessons, classes etc. for you
  • While strolling through the academy grounds, you can press R to open a map, which shows you where all the important characters currently are; you can also fast-travel to certain locations, provided you’ve visited them at least once before
  • You can talk to teachers and students on the academy grounds, even students not from your house. Sometimes there are dialogue options you can pick – choosing the correct answer increases your support level with that character
  • Quests: there are notice boards where you can accept optional quests; you then need to talk to the petitioner to receive more details about the quest. Quests may involve going to a certain place in the academy or clearing an optional battle. Quests can offer some unique rewards that can’t be gotten anywhere else

  • Teacher Training: while you train your students, your fellow teachers at the academy can train you. This is a way to increase your ability levels and combat capabilities
  • Fishing: one of the side activities you can do is fishing. The fish you catch can either be used as ingredients or they can be sold
  • Cooking: As mentioned, fish are one of the ingredients that can be used in cooking. You can ask one character to prepare a meal for the whole class with you; all characters gain temporary stat buffs and your support level with the character increases
  • Dining: you can invite two characters to sit with you during meals; this increases the support points between the three characters. Each character prefers a certain kind of food. You can even invite teachers and students from other houses, although only students from your house will gain bonuses
  • Greenhouse: you can plant seeds to grow plants in this greenhouse on the academy grounds. The resulting crops can be used as ingredients for cooking; you can also grow flowers you can give as gifts
  • Extra lessons: You can choose to participate in an extra lesson on Sundays. Up to six students can participate in this lesson, which increases one of their abilities. The protagonist can either conduct the lesson themselves or participate as a student, in which case one of the other teachers holds the lesson
  • Sortie: you can choose to engage in optional battles in order to gain more experience points. Quest-related battles also appear here. These optional battles consume “Sortie Points”, so there’s a limit to how many of them you can do. On Normal difficulty, some battles won’t consume Sortie Points. Side stories / paralogue also fall under this umbrella. These are only available during a certain time frame and will require you to deploy some specific characters; clearing these may get you exclusive rewards for the relevant characters
  • You can choose not do anything on a weekend – this Rest option increases the motivation level of your students, meaning they’ll learn skills faster during the next week

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