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Torchlight III – “Gear ‘N’ Goblins” update out now on Switch (version 1.3.99918)

Posted on November 15, 2020 by (@NE_Brian) in News, Switch eShop

Torchlight III - "Gear 'N' Goblins"

A massive “Gear ‘N’ Goblins” is now live in the Switch version of Torchlight III. The fast-paced dungeon crawler has received new Halloween-themed exclusive pets, eight new Legendary items, six new eerie fort decorations, lots of quality of life improvements, and tons of fixes.

You can find the full patch notes from Perfect World Entertainment and Echtra below.


This Dusk Mage is showing off the latest Ancient Ember set and one of the two new legendary weapons.

There are EIGHT new legendary items in this update. Two new weapons, the ‘Lightning Baller’ and ‘Sword of the Lost Legion’, will join the Ancient Ember gear set as new legendary items that can only be found in Fazeer’s Dun’djinn.


A hat on a cat and a pumpkin keg dog! How spoopy!

Three new pet variations (Midnight Cat, Spooky Retriever, Dragonling Spirit) are all waiting for you to rescue them in pet cages found randomly on the frontier. Look at them, they are all so bootiful!


We’re coffin’ up new decorations to add to your fort.

Six scary new fort decorations have been added to the game! You can now obtain these from the random fort decoration bags found in the existing contracts (two decorations have been added to each contract). These new additions are a perfect fit for those who like to keep their space a little more on the macabre side.


How will you fare against the Anchored Affix? Can you move forward without a movement skill?

These two new affixes have made their way to Fazeer’s Dun’djinn: Anchored and Essential. These affixes can be quite the Trick-or-Treat for unwary players.


And for a REAL treat! With this update you can now buy Respectacles in town at the potion vendors! 


And to the scariest topic of all… bugs! In addition to the aforementioned content updates, we have fixed a multitude of issues, many of them related to skills and quests. We are still reviewing and working to resolve many of the issues that have been reported or continue to linger, and we will continue to post hotfix updates as they are readied.


• Added Lionbridge to the Credits screen. This team rocks!
• Added additional information about the build and environment to the in-game menu. In shipping builds, this information is hidden unless the player holds a combination of keys on the menu for 4 seconds.
    – Keyboard: 1+2+3+4
    – Gamepad: Click Left Thumbstick + Click Right Thumbstick


• Fixed crash when deserializing multiple status effect entries.
• Fixed a crash in the material fade swap component when the material is null.
• Fixed a server crash when adding a new quest while completing several tasks as part of placing a Luck Tree prop.
• Fixed several more server crashes.
• Created methods to reduce performance issues on Switch related to minion spawns.
• Fixed an issue where if there is a communication failure with the login service during the moment when you choose to go to character select, the game will send you to character create as though you had no characters.
• Fixed a crash found after the ‘Shocking Rounds’ skill bounces off the enemy to a nearby destroyable object.
• Fixed an issue where Shocking Rounds’ passive causes the enemies’ corpses to be connected with laser beams, and the title may crash if the turret kills an enemy.
• Fixed a crash that could sometimes happen when a monster or boss was destroyed instantly.
• Fix missing single-player characters during arc link failures.


• Updated the Welcome Screen art for Halloween update.
• Certain mailbox items are no longer hidden on the mail reward screen.
• Fixed an issue where the close button wasn’t being hidden on the terms/privacy modal when it was asked to. 
• Fixed Voice Overs for NPCs and Lore objects that weren’t playing if the user’s OS language is set to certain locales.
• Fixed an issue where players were unable to equip gear, unequip gear, use stash, sell to NPCs, or edit fort.

Frontier Map

• Fixed an issue where when a player enters the second act, and generates a portal, the icon show for McTyre’s Cove is the same icon for Trevail Point on the World Map.


• Updated the minimap warp pad icon to look more like the actual one in game.
• Overlay Map Scaling and Material updates.

Character Create

• Player/pet names are no longer checked for profanity in Singleplayer mode.
• Fixed an issue where players could see duplicates of their characters in the character select list.
• Fixed an issue where the character select screen could open on top of an error modal after failing to enter the game after creating a character.
• Fixed an issue where skill icons are displayed with a short delay during the Character Create process after picking the Relic.
• Increased the size of the Relic selected state glow in the Relic picker flow. 
• Fixed one of the Sharpshooter hair options not changing color.
• Fixed an issue where the player given “cannot revert” prompt when changing difficulty.
• Fixed an issue where the icon of the Character Level shield changes while the player from normal difficulty sets the higher one.

Party Play & Chat

• Reduced the size of the “Right here” Tombstone icon in the Revive dialog box.
• Fixed an issue where a friend’s online status does not update when friend goes online/offline.
• Fixed an issue where Hardcore Forged and Railmaster characters do not stay dead if they die while in a party.
• Fixed an issue where creating a character with at least one dead hardcore character and the character limit is reached, the player is stuck after the character creation process.
• Fixed an issue where players can no longer revive other players while traveling after picking a revive option that sends them to town or another area.
• Fixed an issue where party invites do not get sent correctly when certain glyphs are in the Steam account name. 
• Fixed an issue where ‘Party’ and ‘Whisper’ buttons are initially not displayed in the ‘Steam Friends’ tab.
• Fixed an issue where invites would fail when inviting a Steam friend by account name.
• Console sessions now join automatically bringing the joining player into a new or existing party of the target player.
• Fixed players able to get into situations where they are in multiple parties at the same time.
• Fixed an issue where the party leader would not get kicked from the party after they disconnected.
• Partial fix for an issue where players don’t get kicked from the party after they have timed out.
   Dev Note: It could sometimes promote the same person who disconnected to be the leader.
• Fixed an issue where players are not notified right away when their party member enters the area they are in.
• Long player IDs should now fit correctly in the player notification widget.
• Party members no longer appear greyed out as if they were dead when they are in another area. 
• Fixed an issue where the “Your portal was destroyed” notification appears for everyone in the party.
• Updated the message that displays when a player sends an invite to another player who is offline. 
• Fixed an issue where walking away from the party member causes their avatar to be displayed as a default character with level 1.
• Fixed an issue where unknown glyphs are displayed as underscores in chat when they are part of the user’s Steam account name.
• Fixed a bug where the invite option could be displayed for your current party members in the friends list on consoles.
• We now Mute/Unmute players in your party if you block/mute them via console system UI.
• Updated “Mute” button to say “Block” to reflect the function of the button. 
• Fixed an issue where the voice chat speaker icons do not appear on Steam.
• Fixed an issue where walking away from the party member causes a skull to be displayed on their avatar.
• Fixed an issue where blocking a party invite caused the blocked party member to see a blocked prompt.


• Fixed an issue where the ‘Unlock’ and ‘Gain Level’ tooltips were not translated into Traditional Chinese.
• Correcting Poison Dart and Ramming robot descriptions not being translated into Traditional Chinese.
• Adding localization for new Non-Class Armor and Non-Class Weapons legendarium skills tabs.
• Corrected missing skill description localization.
• Correcting untranslated lines on character select and help menus.
• Fixed the “Reset to Default” text that spilled out when language is changed to Deutsch and Italiano.
• Fixed some Forged skills’s description being displayed in English on all language settings.


• Fixed an issue where the list of playable characters cannot be scrolled with the left stick.
• The ‘Refresh’ button in the Friends menu is now hidden when a controller is active.
• Fixed an issue where Button prompts for menu and tab navigation were missing on all controller setups.
• Fixed an issue where when the player selects any adjustable setting in the Options menu, the Modify tooltip always displays the D-pad Left button, regardless of the marker’s position.
• Added missing “Relic” marker on all console controller Help Diagrams.
• Updated the D-pad icon for “Send Pet to Town Vendor” to the correct one (up instead of down).
• Targeting breakables with a gamepad is easier now.
• Fixed an issue where skills in the relic select screen can’t be navigated with gamepad for information.
• It is no longer possible to assign a regular skill to a pet slot or vice versa by using the gamepad mid-drag/drop.
• Fixed an issue where Goblin Fury drops would show a gamepad button prompt and be targetable while being auto-picked up.
• The button that opens the in-game menu at title and character select now also close it. 
• Removed the ‘select’ option on the safe-adjust zone settings option for the controller.
• Added slot group toggle indicator to the skills bar in the skills screen.


• Shortened Fields of Unrest, as there was a large section of this hub before The Chasm, which led to difficulty finding The Chasm. The density of monster spawns here also was leading to over-leveling and for it to just take too long to clear on your way to The Chasm when playing through the story.
• Slightly lowered the XP to level from level 2 to 3 and 3 to 4 to more consistently reach a level as you clear these first dungeons.
• Increased the amount of XP to level from level 4 to 5 to account for the section after the Den of Upheaval in Edgewood Bluff, the section at the beginning of the Fields of Unrest and (to a lesser extent), the invaded Trevail Passage (on your first character on your account).
• Slightly raised the XP to level from level 6 through 41 to more accurately accommodate additional XP from champions. 
• Fixed an issue where the player may revive or warp under the map – especially with large monsters nearby.
• Fixed the Burning Tree having no SFX.


• We now prevent party members from accessing portals created by a player that is only meant to portal to themselves (causing infinite load screens).
• Fixed an instance of an infinite loading screen during portal to party member.
• Fixed portal-to-party only taking you to the area, not to the player when you do it from town. 
• Fixed cases where Phase Beast Dungeons don’t put you back where the portal generated.
• Fixed an issue where players could get an endless loading screen when going into a Phasebeast portal.
• Fixed an issue where travelling through the portal from the first Mapwork location to another player that is already in the Boss area can result in an infinite loading screen or getting stuck in a void.
• Fixed the Squawkclaw boss warp so it should now take you to Machineworks, not back to the Scavenger’s Trail.
• Fixed an issue where the player cannot enter Boss location via portal after completing the quest on a specific Mapworks seed.
• Fixed an issue where after leaving the dungeon by the player’s teleport, they can use the waypoint to travel to their portal and end up in the void. 
• Fixed instances of double area headers from occurring when portalling.


• Hyvid Frontier first time cinematic added.
• Echonok Frontier first time cinematic added.
• Fixed an Xbox One corruption on the bottom edge of the Hyvid intro cinematic.
• Fixed Sadista’s outro cinematic from playing again if the character re-enters the boss arena.
• Added a couple of lights in the first cinematic to brighten darker areas.


• Added bubble text to Imperial Pest Control Researcher.
• Fixed Kenik from appearing where they shouldn’t.
• Fixed the rocking chair in McTyre’s Cove rocks from side to side with the wind.

Edgewood Bluff

• Fix and odd artifact issue found on the skirt in a specific seed.
• Fixed a visible hole in the world found in a couple specific seeds.
• Rotated a chest that was facing an odd direction.

Heroes Bluff

• Removed invisible trap present on the specific seed.

Fields of Unrest

• Fixed a floating clickable found in a specific seed.
• Fixed a hole in the terrain near the edge.
• Removed some awkwardly placed gravestones and replaced them with foliage.
• Fixed the mini-map that incorrectly showed an untraversable area on a specific seed even though the player can walk through it.
• Fixed a barrel that clipped through the ground in a specific seed.
• Removed some breakables that were causing issues.
• Added missing minimap in a specific seed.
• Added foliage to an area that needed it in a specific seed.

The Chasm

• Fixed an overhanging resource node in a specific seed.
• Moved an unreachable breakable.
• Moved a floating decoration.

Trial of Fire

• Fixed a chest that clips through the environment in a specific seed.
• Fixed a clickable object that clips through the environment on a specific seed.
• Fixed a seam found in a specific seed.
• Moved a pillar that clipped through a bridge on a specific seed.
• Fixed a floating chest.

Wideload’s Lair

• Moved the stalagmites up a bit so you can’t see the top of them. 

Firebelly Village

• Moved a resource node found in a specific mini-dungeon seed that clips through a bone pile.
• Moved some tree resource nodes to a more natural location.
• Fixed a floating plant found in a specific seed.
• Added water tiles near Warp 1 so that edge is not seen.
• Moved a climb up spawner to the other side of the doc and added a couple traps.
• Rotated lore object for better visibility in a specific seed.

Excavated Workshop

• Moved a shrine to an elevated location.

Crash Course

• Rotated a lore object.

Overgrown Trek

• Fixed a tree found in the water.

Firebelly Stronghold

• Cleared the area for a shrine that was covered a bit.
• Moved a tree harvest node to resolve some clipping.
• Moved a chest to a more viewable location.
• Moved a dock down a bit to prevent z-fighting.
• Added decoration and chest to a dead end area.
• Added some foliage to a barren area.

The Kennel

• Updated a spawner in a particular location near a hut.
• Moved a lore object closer to a wall.

Mossrat Den

• Removed spike trap that doesn’t belong.
• Moved a resource node that hangs off the map a bit.

Watcher’s Thicket

• Added a wooden platform underneath some rocks to flatten navmesh and prevent the player from falling into hole.
• Moved a coffin out a bit to prevent clipping through rocks.
• Added wooden platforms to jump down spawners so they’ren’t running in air.
• Moved a spawner so that monsters don’t appear from a random busted wagon.
• Placed mushroom in a more suitable location so it’s not hovering off of a rock.
• Moved a chest so that it doesn’t clip through a wooden decoration.
• Moved a chest so that it doesn’t clip through the floor.
• Fixed z-fighting on some wood planks.

Lakeside Clearing

• Removed extra skirt tile causing issues and a tree in the water.
• Extended a dock section.

Lake Gobdunk

• Moved a chest away from a post to prevent clipping.

Hidden Falls

• Moved and rotated a couple of stone resource nodes.
• Added a small rock to hide a hole in the wall.
• Added smoke VFX to obscure an entrance and hide a spawn.

Witching Grounds

• Moved and rotated some skeleton bodies.

Guarded Path

• Added some rocks in the lower sections and cave skirts so edges are better obscured.
• Repainted some terrain in a problem area.
• Moved a chest that clipped through a rock.
• Painted some mismatching terrain.
• Moved a quest object to a better clearing area.
• Added a rock behind a spawn hut and moved runout spawner to a better spot and made some other adjustments.

Polluted Plateau

• Repainted some terrain to match the ground.

Corpsefire Crypt

• Added additional level skirts.
• Repainted some terrain to match the ground.
• Placed foliage in an area.
• Fixed bad seam painting.
• Repainted terrain around mounds for better blending.

Venomous Nest

• Moved warp location to not be too close to the NPC when chest reward falls.

Bogwood Hollow

• Fixed an issue where the player can walk through the rocks without a collision on a specific seed.
• Fixed an issue where the player can sink into the ground texture for a moment on a few specific seeds.
• Fixed an issue where the player can walk through rocks without a collision in a specific seed.

Hyvid Hatchery

• Made this area less linear.
• Added a wall to fix a hole in the world.

Murky Miasma

• Added a skirt to a barren part of the level.

Acrid Plains

• Fixed an area where the player could sink into the ground.
• Added chests to a couple of dead end areas.
• Added a crystal to a vent that needed some.

Ancestral Grove

• Added navblocker and some foliage to prevent the player from clipping into Boss chest.
​• Added some decorations and breakables to an area that needed it.

The Ascent

• Moved spawn location a bit further from warp point so you don’t click on it by mistake.

Amber Hold

• Fixed an area where gold was being dropped and could not be picked up.

Library of Firebeard’s Legacy

• Removed floating papers.


• Fixed an issue where the playable character cannot walk through the path on a specific seed.
• Increased the lighting and added more accent lights throughout the level.

Grand Hall

• A view-obscuring wall with no collision may appear after traveling into specific area seeds from Echo Landing.

Chop Shop

• Fixed invisible stone resource crate.

Volutra Village

• Removed a resource node that could not be reached.
• Fixed a floating trap found in the background.


• Fixed dead ends found in a hyvid caves dungeon seed.
• Shortened the goblin forest waterfall (River Run) mapworks dungeon.

Challenge Dungeons

• Fixed an area where the player can step off the bridge without collision. 
• Added a nav blocker to prevent the player from clipping through a boss chest.
• Added volume blocker to prevent the player from being blocked by a cliff.


• Fixed an issue where Hyvid Paste currency item takes a while to load in the material/textures (appears gray initially).
• Breakable green-goo banner prop in Hyvid areas can now drop Wood Logs.
• Fixed an issue where ‘Ridiculous’ Gear luck buff does not apply in combat area while in party.
• Increased the drop rate for legendary gear at higher levels (46+) on higher difficulties. This is a bit more of a significant change for Ridiculous difficulty than for Painful or Hard, but we did at least increase the rate a bit for those as well.


• Added Gear ‘N’ Goblins Gift Bundle. Only available in multiplayer boxes on Halloween weekend. 
• You can now buy Respectacles at a vendor for 2500 gold.
• Reduced the drop rate of Lifebound Scrolls, so you’re not sitting on so many of them, from a 1 in 20 chance to a 1 in 40 chance. 
• Fixed Netherbloom disappearing upon interacting with it.
• Renamed “Liquid Courage” consumable item to “Netherbloom Nectar”.


• Fixed the formatting of the stat for bleed, burn, shock and poisoned DoT affixes in the stats menu so they show as a % of weapon damage instead of just an unformatted value. 
• Skill-enhancing affixes in the normal affix pool have been greatly improved, now offering bonuses to Relic skills, increased values on bonuses, and more types of bonuses.
• Fixed Herman’s Masterwork legendary affix not functioning.
• Disabled Cooldown reduction for Luminous Run affix. Does not function properly with charges and other movement skills do not have cooldown reduction available. 
• Freeze, Immobilize, Stun, and Blind chances/durations have been lowered across the board.
• Added three missing skill modifier affixes to the AffixTable: Forged Cooldown: Coal Launch & Vortex Bomb, Sharpshooter Duration: Onslaught


• Fixed an issue where icons for armor matching description were not updating for use in other classes.
• Ghost pets summoned by The Ancient One’s Token now last their full duration.
• Addressed a bug with Shasta’s Promise Sharpshooter legendary to make it deal additional damage for Shasta.
• Marked the towns as valid to provide secondary defense affixes of any element, so that the gambler can give you useful gear for the end game in any town after you have finished the story. 
• Fixed an issue where the poison shrine VFX is displayed over the characters head when the ‘Overheated’ buff from Mountain King’s Gauntlets is active.
• Fixed an issue with Dusk Mage Set’s Celestial Pauldrons set bonus not functioning.
• Firestarter’s fireball damage increased to 80% Weapon Damage (up from 40%)
• Item affixes that grant skill levels should now grant the skill if needed.
• Fixed the Neckband of Poison Warding that did not give immunity to Poison damage to the player’s Pet.
• Fixed Tight Breeches (common item) coded incorrectly to appear as a Legendary drop on the mini-map.
• Fixed Shardblade (rare item) coded incorrectly to appear as a Legendary drop on the mini-map.
• Fixed Hardened Miner’s boots (magic item) coded incorrectly to appear as a Legendary drop on the mini-map.
• Add new icons, SFX, and VFX for new Legendary items.
• Added the following Legendary items that can only be found in Fazeer’s Dun’djinn: Lightning Baller, Sword of the Lost Legion, Ancient Ember Helm, Ancient Ember Shoulders, Ancient Ember Pants, Ancient Ember Gloves, Ancient Ember Chest, Ancient Ember Boots, Ancient Ember Treads, Ancient Ember Hatch
• The Musketeer Gloves summon now uses the correct weapon and animations.


• Fixed issue with text running off the description area. 
• Fixed an issue where the ‘New Legendary Skill Slot’ notification icon appears when hovering over the edges of the remaining icons displayed at the upper-right corner of the screen.


• Nerfed Enchanting Recipe drop rate.
• Fixed the Hyvid Scrapper recipe that unlocked the Hyvid Wrecker recipe instead.
• Fixed a typo in the name of the Hyvid large armor enchanting recipe (was “Hyvid Scrapper(Armor)” now, “Hyvid Scrapper (Armor)”).
• Added Essence drop models for the new Fazeer affix.
• Fixed an issue where the ‘All enchanting slots are full.’ prompt was not updated respectively.
• Lowered the minimum level for enchanting recipes to drop from 47 to 46, so they can drop in the first Fazeer’s Dun’djinn.


• Two new spooky fort decorations have been added to each Contract. See the list below in the fort section for details.
• Fixed an issue where players could not navigate the contracts menu after unlocking a high level reward, scrolling all the way to the end, then closing and re-opening the menu.
• Contract banners are now higher resolution.
• Fixed an issue where after switching contracts, they displayed amount of fame always refers to the contract that has been chosen when the player has entered the game


• Fixed an issue where area quests would not be added if the quest service takes too long to return quest progress.


• Increased the drop chance for all mapworks/Fazeer quests.
• Fixed an issue where the character can get stuck in act 3 (Codex Impression doesn’t drop to complete Knowledge is Power quest).
• Reduced spiders required to complete the “Silky Threads” quest and changed to a percentage. Reduced required Silky Webbings from 4 to 3.
• Decreased required count for spiders for the “Ichory Situation” quest, and changed to a percentage. Reduced the required count for collecting Spider Ichor and increased the progressive drop chance.
• Increased drop chance of Aetheric Stars for the Aborted Invasion quest.
• Fixed the Netherim Pylon re-exploding for the “Harder, Better, Faster, Stronger” quest.
• Fixed an issue where The player cannot finish the quest due to the insufficient amount of objects to collect on a specific seed for ‘Bone Nerd’
• Fixed an issue where The player cannot finish the quest due to the insufficient amount of objects to collect on a specific seed for ‘Bottle Block’
• Increased drop chance of Adult Hyvid Glands for Musky Business quest.
• Increased progressive drop chance of Rare Bones from the “Bone Nerd” quest.

Text & UI

• Updated “Return to Your Portal” tutorial UI to include the minimap icon.
• Fixed Plate of Pancakes quest item that dropped sideways.
• Fixed an issue where the wrong string is displayed for the quest task to Defeat Yapper.
• Aligned a key icon in the Legendarium tutorial text.


• Fixed an issue where the fort save could fail to load if a prop was saved with an uninitialized trait value. 
• We now load a default fort of the fort server loads too slowly (instead of an empty fort).
• Fixes to Camera behavior in Fort.
• Fixed an issue where you can’t edit your fort if you start at a zoomed enough view.
• Fixed an issue where the highlighted object’s outline is still visible after changing tabs in the fort inventory.
• Personal forts no longer change a player’s default town. 
• Added title element for Trevail Passage on the HUD.
• Updated various NPCs in passages with names and bubble text.
• Added NPCs to idle around fort passages.
• Potential fix for an issue where players were unable to see their fort props but could still enter the fort on Xbox.
• Moved fort edit button to top of the screen.


• Fixed an issue where Wardrobe items are lost after the player leaves the fort and returns to it.
• Added new icons for new spoopy fort decorations.
• Added the following spoopy fort decorations:
   – Adventurer’s Contract: Faceless Orator (Rare), Tombstone (Common)
   – Homesteader’s Contract: Wooden Coffin (Common), Cemetery Stone Wall (Magic)
   – Craftsman’s Contract: Witch’s Table (Rare), Skull Gate (Magic)
• Fix for no SFX being played after placing Training Dummy in the Fort.
• Increased Training Dummy limit from 1 to 4, so players can test AoE skills.
• Luck Tree now has a similar hold time option to sacrifice items (like destroying an item).


• Fixing the violet glittersprite portrait to be the correct one.
• Fixed an issue where pet collars stored in a wardrobe appear as unequippable.
• Fixed an issue where your pet can disappear upon changing location using Waypoint.
• Adding portraits for four new pet variations.
• Added three new pet variations: Midnight Cat, Spooky Retriever, Dragonling Spirit. All of them can now be found randomly in pet cages.
• Added the Echtra Life alpaca. This will only be available to those who donate to our 2020 Extra Life fundraising campaign.
• We now show your pet type on windows that should provide that info.
• Fixed an issue where the pet’s preview is not always displayed when the player rescues a Pet from the Pet Cage.
• The Pet Glittersprite now lands next to the player in the character select and not behind the pillar. 
• Glittersprites now do not use perch. 
• Fixed the missing countdown timer from pet inventory when pet has fled.


• Fixed an issue where the player cannot progress after the first level of the Challenge Dungeon.
• Increased the bonus monster damage by Challenge Dungeon level, starting at +1% at level 16, increasing to +47% at level 251. 
• Made the difficulty more distinct on the HUD.
• Champions no longer spawn in Fazeer’s Dun’djinn with the Gauntlet Affix.


• We now prevent Infamous and Gauntlet from being applied to the same Challenge Dungeon card option.
• Made the descriptions of some of the detrimental challenge dungeon affixes have less specific numbers, so our tuning can be more flexible relative to localization. 
• Shackled affix once again functions as described.
• Fixed an issue where Shocked effects would not apply correctly if they affected one of the skill slots that is in a different position with Gamepad vs. Mouse/Keyboard.
• Added the new beneficial Challenge Dungeon affix “Essential” which allows monsters to drop essence for enchanting and the boss to drop legendary essence.
• Added a random fort decoration bundle from the bosses for the Harvest Lucky Challenge Dungeon affix.
• Standardized loot spawn from bosses so that all of the bosses use the same item spawn logic, but the big bad bosses give an additional chance to drop Respectacles.


• Added new Relic Legendary gear icons.
• Added relic icon to the Relic HUD progress bar.
• Added a new Relic Description entry with icon to the skill description tooltip. 
• Both tooltips for the relic HUD elements now show the proper numbers for the current energy levels. 


• Revised the tier bonus text for Ice Shield to correctly refer to Ice Shield, not Ice Barrier. 
• Adjusted Ice Golem base damage to 150% weapon damage, matching the tooltip description.


• Electrode’s Chaotic Strikes tier 1 bonus now correctly fires 3 storms instead of 2.

Flaming Destroyer

• Fixed a tooltip error in the barrier skill for Flaming Destroyer, “Nimble Flames.”

Blood Drinker

• Fixed it so Blood Drinker’s Bloodseeker’s tier 1 milestone now heals as it says.
• Fixed the Tier 2 of the Spinning Blade skill that did not apply the Bleed effect to enemies.
• Fixed the Blood Missiles from Blood Seekers incorrect tooltip.


• Added final Bane icon for enhanced activation.
• Fixed an issue where leveling the Venomous Maw skill does not increase its damage over time.
• Fixed an issue where Fanged Maw was using the wrong skill for the spider on the Tier 2 milestone.
• Fixed it so Bane’s Spectral Spider now does poison attacks with its tier bonus.
• Addressed an issue where Bane minions were not getting the bonus from the Puppet Master passive.
• Edited the tooltip for Spiderlings to make it accurately reflect how the passive functions.


• Further reduced monster hit points on Painful and Ridiculous difficulty levels from levels 2 to 20 to give you more time to progress and build up damage-dealing skills, gear, etc. This should help the feeling of slog on the higher difficulties, especially against champions and bosses. 
• Fixed an issue where minion quality champions were getting affixes like Stormbringer.
• Adjusted how we calculate per-level damage bonuses for various minion skills and their tooltips.
• Reduced damage from the Nether Well missiles from 150% of monster damage to 50% of monster damage.
• Increased the drop chance for legendary items from champions and bosses.


• Fixed a missing name for the Shocked status effect against the player.


• Flagged additional monsters as valid for being solo (legendary or unique) champions so that we can more reliably spawn champions. 
• Adjusted the tuning of the stone elementals vs. decoy stone elementals in the various areas for which they are valid.
• Improved the ability for stone elementals to spawn into The Abandoned Mine.
• Fixed an issue with the stone elementals’ spawners, which caused them to often fail to spawn. 
• Increased the chance that stone elementals and static stone elemental props will be populated into the world.
• Set the various stone elemental spawners as “always roll active” to help them provide stone elementals more reliably. 
• Reduced Phase Beast health by about 40%.
• Fixed an issue where Brall stops attacking halfway through the battle.
• Fixed spawners for B’hemau – Netherim Brute and Algramath – Netherim Herald found in Mapworks and Challenge Dungeons that may have prevented them from spawning properly.
• Custodians no longer scale up after spawning.
• Fixed an issue where Goblin Shaman monsters wouldn’t resurrect their fallen allies. 
• Slowed down the Hyvid Larvae by 25% so they aren’t quite so frustrating for melee builds, especially at higher difficulties. 
• Herman’s specter now wields a Herman’s Masterwork bow instead of a Two-Ton Pull.
• Thunder Thighs title now reads Thunderthighs.
• Reduced the damage of the Netherim Brute ground-snaking nether bolt skill from 100% of monster damage to 30%, as you could fairly easily get hit by multiple of them at a time. 


• Phase Dungeon bosses are now picked based on the area that you are in. Only big bosses that you would have defeated before gaining access to the area in which you defeat the boss can be encountered in the phase dungeons. Ordrak no longer appears in Phase Dungeons.
• Fixed Sadista intro triggering again if the player dies and respawns in the area or goes to the previous area and re-enters the boss area.
• Strongtusk health reduced by 25%.
• Fixed Wideload’s Cavebreaker dealing 100% weapon Damage instead of the listed 30%.
• Fixed logic for picking the monsters for Phase Dungeon boss fights with: Psora, Sadista, Shriekbeak, Squawkclaw, Krronk
• Fixed an issue where Shriekbeak’s Lightning Orb attack could deal damage multiple times.


• Fixed an issue where Brall did not have a walking animation for the first 2-3 seconds when starting the fight.
• Fixed an issue where monsters that were off-screen when they died could end up frozen in their last-seen poses when coming back into view. 
• Fixed Skittles, Thunderthighs and Oakbeard having a unique champion monster quality decal under them, when we don’t do that for other minibosses that you fight in boss arenas. 
• Fixed some cases where Voltura are invisible after spawning.
• Ordrak has been given a new ‘instant spawn’ anim (a version of his idle that is 0.2 seconds long) to prevent feet-sliding to a player on spawn.
• Set the correct miniboss status effect on the miniboss Syzygyx, so that he gets the proper miniboss VFX.
• Fixed an issue where Thorned Striders are spawning into the Ascent of Echoes with no animation – they just pop in.
• Switched the netherim minibosses to use a standard miniboss status effect so that they get the teal decal for unique and miniboss monsters instead of the purple decal, which can make them easy to confuse with elite quality champions. 


• Add Parameterized Damage Reduction, effectively making the trait multiplicative. This prevents some instances of invincible builds.
• Fixed an issue where Chained Beams from certain skills stick around forever (Singleplayer only).
• The menu now remembers the last open tab when reentering the skills menu mode.
• Made the Thump fail sound when you can’t cast something softer.


• Fixed an issue where unlocking the Tier 1 bonus of the Sacrifice to Goose skill does not grant additional damage vulnerability on enemies.
• Adjusted the icon for Sacrifice to Goose’s vulnerability so that it matches the proper icon for the skill that inflicted it.
• Fixed an issue where leveling Ghost Visage does not increase the critical chance that is granted after using the skill.
• Fixed an issue where the tier 1 bonus of Reload reduced the cost of charge-based skills. 
• Scout’s Bones now deals poison damage instead of the player’s weapon element type. 
• Herman’s spirit uses the sharpshooter bow idle animation instead of the melee weapon idle.

Dusk Mage

• Added a tooltip to the DM mana ball.
• Fixed an issue where Tier 1 Absolver milestone was disabling the Harmonic Form bonus.
• Fixing Light Spear so it heals only when in Harmonic Form with its Tier 1 Bonus, as designed.
• Fixed an issue where Consecration’s 35% damage bonus didn’t apply its trait.
• Fixed an issue where the party members do not see any VFX displayed for the ‘Entropy’ skill. The Dusk Mage player using this skill is seeing it displayed properly.
• Removed errant string in Harmonic Form mouse over tooltip that talked about mana cost increases.
• Fixed an issue where damage dealt by the Miasma skill caused both Dark and Light bar of the Dusk Mage to be charged, which affected entering the Harmonic Form. 
• Fixed a bad copy/paste in the skillstable that was breaking Holy Fury.
• 0.5 second cooldown added to Luminous Run (for real this time) to prevent accidental double casts. 


• Fixed Shotgonne Blast’s flaming projectile from the Tier 3 bonus that did not deal any damage.
• Fixed an issue where leveling the Poison Dart skill did not increase the damage over time which is applied to the enemies that are standing in the poisoned spot.
• Fixed an issue where the display information for Forged Servo-Driven Uppercut and Slug Shot listed incorrect scaling types. Both skills have always scaled up their damage per point, but were displaying Stun Chance and Critical Hit Chance respectively. 
• Fixed an issue where the Tier 3 bonus of the Power Projection skill did not give invulnerability.
• Edited Rapid Strike’s tooltip to reflect that it hits three times by default, not 4.
• Furnace Blast’s Tier 3 bonus makes the skill use a larger cone skillshape.


• Railmaster Lay Track’s Tier 3 milestone duration increased to 10 seconds (up from 3 seconds).
• Fixed an error where Blasting Charge’s damage vulnerability tier one bonus was a multiplier instead of additive.
• Fixed the Tier 2 of the Blasting Charge skill that did not have any effect.
• Fixed an issue where the Blasting Charge Tier 3 bonus explosion spawned by the player instead of by the first explosion. 
• Fixed the Tier 1 of the Torque Swing skill that did not have any effect.
• Fixed an issue where Railmaster’s Torque Spin triggered on-cooldown effects, such as Battery Ram, twice.
• Edited Railmaster Shocking Rounds skill. In the process of adding milestones we removed the lightning strikes from above from the base activation and moved it to the tier 3 milestone. However, we forgot to replace this with the intended active portion to the skill. Now the chain lightning strikes an additional target when active (two by default), with an additional target struck when the tier 1 milestone is achieved.
• Fixed an issue where the Endurance regeneration portion of Shocking Rounds didn’t function.
• Edited Pound’s Endurance bonus buff tooltip to reflect that it does 30% bonus to attack speed and damage for basics, not 50%.
• Added a small delay to the Pound skill’s tier 3 bonus to make it more obvious that it’s happening.
• Removed functions that were not working on Lantern Flash, resulting in non-functioning bonuses to its duration.


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