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Updates tomorrow, Renegade Kid interview questions, new categories

Posted on May 5, 2010 by (@NE_Brian) in Site updates

Tomorrow is going to be a very crazy day to say the least. A family member passed away on Monday and I will be attending the funeral. Unfortunately, I have to leave the site very early in the morning and I don’t expect to return until midafternoon at the earliest.

I’ve already talked with Austin, and he’s going to update the site as much as possible. If he’s able to, that is. Although he’s going to try his best to cover everything, I want you guys to expect the worst in case his schedule doesn’t work out. I will publish a number of posts to appear on the site at specific times, so that should keep you guys busy until Austin or I start posting.

Honestly, I’m not sure how everything will work out. It’s possible that you won’t see much of a change from normal site updates, which would be nice. But regardless of what happens, please bear with us!

Moving on to Renegade Kid – Jools Watsham was kind enough to agree to an interview opportunity. Based on our interview with Shin’en, however, it seemed as though some of you had a few questions that you would have liked to submit. So before we actually send in questions for the interview, feel free to leave a comment or shoot us an email if anything is on your mind about Renegade Kid!

Lastly, I’ve made a small change to categories. I was browsing the site a bit today and it struck me that it was silly how pretty much everything is labeled as news. We’ve added three new categories now – screenshots, videos, and random. The first two are self-explanatory, but you can expect posts such as art, weird facts, etc. to be labeled as random. We’ll only be using the news category for actual news from here on out.

Anyway, that’s all for now. I’ll be publishing a few posts in the morning before I leave, but as I said earlier, I’ll have other updates scheduled to go live throughout the day.

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